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Affleck's directing Arizona

BenAffleck.jpgBen Affleck is fantastic behind the camera, that he's already proven with Gone Baby Gone, in fact I'd say that he's better behind than he is in front (innuendo's abound) and now his next directorial project may be here and it sounds another cracking film.

Arizona is again based on fact and tells the true story of the investigation of orgnised crime into state government, and begins with the car bomb murder of an investigative reporter.

Don Bolles was an investigative reporter for the Arizona Republic and in 1976 he was killed in a car bomb explosion as he was investigating organised crime infiltrating the state government.

Bolles had co-created a group called the Investigative Reporters and Editors and upon his death the members took up his investigation and managed to complete it.

Sounds a powerful story, and would really work in film, rallying people around a cause would work well for audiences, and you can see the connections to Gone Baby Gone. This could be a great film for Ben Affleck, but he hasn't signed up to it yet.

According to Variety he's looking at it to direct, and it's a potential next project for him. I would guess it would depend on the script which comes from Sheldon Turner, the man who wrote The Longest Yard. Right now that doesn't sound too strong, so perhaps that's why Affleck is holding out.

Apparently the rights haven't been secured from the IRE and so the story is going to be written with only the facts that are in the public domain, to me that could be another difficulty for the script and something else for Affleck to consider. I'm sure the IRE (not the IRA!) have quite a lot to offer the story considering they completed the investigation. Perhaps that could be viewed as another reason to hold off until the script is read.



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