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Bacon in Footloose remake?

Footloose.jpgKevin Bacon is looking forward to the remake of Footloose, and frankly why not? It's not as if he'll have to go and see it, or if he does he probably won't have to pay a fortune to go and have a hotdog and small juice.

However he's more than happy for the remake to happen and for Zac Efron to take over thelead role. In fact he's almost too keen.

Could it be that he's moved on so far from the original Footloose that he'd be more than happy to let someone else try and remake it? Or it could be that either way the original film, and he, wins - if the film is rubbish then the original Footloose is going to get a big boost from people getting hold of the DVD to see the original. If it's good then it still benefits from the DVD sales and rentals, maybe a re-release, and Kevin Bacon gets lot's of press and possibly stops people associating him with Footloose.

I'd say win-win, why wouldn't you want your film remade? As Stephen King said about his novels when a reporter asked him what he thought of Hollywood destroying all his books, and I paraphrase, "they haven't, they're all still up there on the shelf". Exactly.

MTV have the comment from Kevin Bacon about the new Footloose and he's more than happy:

"I am. I've got the Footloose baton. Where did I put that baton? I think it's in the hall closet. If it's not it might be under my bed somewhere, but I'm ready to hand it to him … Absolutely. He'd be great."

What's most interesting is that he didn't rule out the possibility of a cameo in the film. When asked if he would appear he said that no one has approached him about it, but if they did he said:

"Never say never"

I think it would be nice to see Kevin Bacon in the film as one of the people trying to stop the youth (yoof) from dancing and having fun.



Oh it'd be great if he showed up! Love, love, love Kevin Bacon!

I have no problem with Zac Efron completely taking over either!


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