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Batman 3 rumours real?

EddieMurphy.jpgI've been purposefully avoiding talking about the insanity of the Batman 3 rumours that the extremely poor actor Eddie Murphy is set to play the Riddler and that Shia LaBeouf is set to play Robin because they're are so many reasons why it's complete rubbish and fabrication, and I wasn't going to jump on the traffic-poaching headlines.

However now a respectable British newspaper has come out online, dismissed all those who write online and generalised them, and come out in defence of the reporter from the not so respectable newspaper that broke the rumour.

According to The Guardian the reporter from The Sun, Gordon Smart, is sticking by his rumour that Eddie Murphy will play the Riddler and that Shia LaBeouf will play Robin in the third Batman film.

So let us “fanboys” in the “blogosphere” dismiss the fact that Christopher Nolan has already said that Robin just won't fit into the style of Batman that he's making and that he doesn't know how it would work, let's also dismiss the fact that he's not officially signed up to make another Batman film (rumours were around in October), and let's also dismiss the fact that he said just twelve days ago that he hadn't even found a workable idea for a third film, in fact that he'd been looking at ideas but nothing that has been good enough for a third film.

Okay, so let's throw all that fact to the side and look at this rumour that The Sun reporter says is true, that without director, story or even idea, Eddie Murphy and Shia LaBeouf have been cast.

Do I need to go further? It sounds ridiculous already. Let's not even mention the fact that Murphy is a joke of an actor these days, churning out childish rubbish with him playing multiple roles, and LaBeouf is far from the intense actor of Christian Bale or Heath Ledger, I just don't buy it.

In defence the article tells us that this reporter broke the Daniel Craig as Bond story, well that's all well and good but they were looking for a Bond then, they weren't in such early stages that they didn't have a writer/director officially signed without any workable idea for a story.

The Guardian tells us that the final film will have a big cliffhanger which involves a huge explosion at Wayne Towers leaving the death of Batman a possibility – ties up nicely with the recently produced comic, and that Rachel Weisz is indeed going to be Catwoman.

Catwoman, Robin and Riddler, it all sounds too crowded and two of those characters are very camp and comic-like, I really don't buy it, even if I could persuade myself that the truth we've been told directly from Christopher Nolan is all lies.

What do you think? Are you buying it? Do you think Nolan would cast at this early stage and go so much against what he's said already and I would guess against the fans of Batman both on film and comics?



There is no way any of that is true...Not even Nolan could save that steaming pile of a cast...Even if someone respectable sticks up for the chap that broke it, None of it makes any sense...
No way in hell is any of this true. If it is I'll eat my words.

P.S. LaBeouf is whats wrong with hollywood, the hot young actor who is thrown into every role regardless if he fits or not...Teenager, college kid, Early adult working dumb job, etc...He not good, he's not cute, he looks like that kid from Boy Meets World, but not half the actor. Stop ruing franchises Shia, I emplore you.

Totally not buying into any of these rumors. I don't believe a single thing that is said about the batman movies until an official release is made. The rumors almost always turn out to be false.

Cinemablend and Batman on Film are confirming the Rachel Weisz rumor.




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