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Beyoncé and Larter in Obsessed teaser

AliLarter.jpgThe first footage of Obsessed has appeared on the Interflab and it's pretty interesting, but there's something that smacks you in the face from about half way through, it's Fatal Attraction.

Yeah we all knew that the story was similar, but looking at this you're going to think that it's just a remake of Fatal Attraction with a few changes like location, jobs, and a feistier homely female character.

The teaser for Obsessed is scarily like Fatal Attraction, and it seems to give almost the entire story away, but then if you know it's like Fatal Attraction then you'll probably know how it's all going to play out anyway, it's not that surprising a formula.

You can see the teaser right here from Entertainment Tonight.

What do you think? You have to admit that the idea of seeing Beyoncé Knowles play a strong, reality based character is rather interesting, then there's the other side of the trailer. There's the flash moment of Ali Larter, which has obvious appeal, the two leading ladies fighting like mad, and stuck in the background somewhere is the story and Idris Elba no doubt giving a strong performance.

The writer, David Loughery, has a good few films under his belt, recently Lakeview Terrace, and then the guilty pleasure of Passanger 57, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier...I'll just stop.

What do you think? Too much like Fatal Attraction? Too much of Larter and Knowles trying to grab the male attention?



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