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Bollywood looks to Mumbai

TajMahalHotel.jpgBollywood is already considering how to bring the recent tragedy in Mumbai to the cinema according to the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association who have already accepted some twenty five registrations for film titles which relate to one of the two hotels that were under attack, the Oberoi hotel and the Taj Mahal.

Although some might think that this is far too soon for films to be made about such a subject, Indian film-makers don't.

According to Anil Nagrath, secretary of the Bollywood trade association through Associated Press and Yahoo News the titles include ones such as Taj 26, Taj to Oberoi, The Taj Encounter, 11/26 Operation Taj, Mission Taj, Mission Oberoi and Nariman House, and they focus on the two hotels which were the centre of the attacks and of the news coverage, as well as the Jewish center where a Rabbi and his wife were murdered.

Is it too soon though? Films about the U.S. September 11th attacks took a long time to appear as did films referring to the London terrorist attacks, although they were quicker to appear than the 9/11 films. Saying that though it does take a long time for a film to develop from script to screen in the west.

That's something to bear in mind, the scripts are being written, and there's a long way to go before a film gets made. Nagrath explains why these films are being made:

“Whenever there is a big happening like this, be it a cyclone, be it a hurricane, be it a bomb attack or a carnage like this, the journalists write articles, television stations make special programs, authors write books...In the same way, for the filmmaker, the only option is to make a script, and the process of making a script begins with a title.”

It will take a while for a finalised script to appear, and even longer for a film to hit development.

Director Babbar Subhash is one of the people who registered some of these titles and agrees that he's just working on the script, he also reveals that the film will be very emotional.

We have to bear in mind that these films will take some time to get made and they may never even make it further than the script stage. However, even so, there will be some that think it's just too soon.



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