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Bourne 4 is The Parsifal Mosaic?

TheParsifalMosaic.jpgA fourth Jason Bourne film was confirmed a while ago, and the makers now have access to all Robert Ludlum's novels. With that in mind, the next Bourne film may be based on a book not about the man himself.

The inspiration for Bourne 4, may come from The Parsifal Mosaic. And not a Jason Bourne in sight.

The next in the series of Jason Bourne novels, The Bourne Betrayal, was written by a friend of Robert Ludlum. And as one of the producers said in June this year, they are taking a different direction with the character. One of the producers has told Coming Soon, that the book they have in mind is The Parsifal Mosaic. Written by Ludlum, but not about Jason Bourne.

I haven't read it, but it seems to revolve around a US intelligence agent, who witnesses the death of his partner. She also happens to be his girlfriend, and a suspected KGB double agent. He then finds himself investigating his girlfriends background, and uncovering a few surprises. There is also some political intrigue thrown in.

Despite not being a Bourne novel, it sounds like it has all the hallmarks. And plenty of opportunities for Richard's favourite shaky cam. No Matt Damon onboard officially yet though, he is waiting for a script.

Anybody read the book? Is it Bourne enough for Bourne?



I read it Louise but it was such a long time ago I barely remember it.

Not read the book but it sounds good. This is from a review on Amazon...

He catches a glimpse of Jenna, alive, at a chance meeting in Europe. The chase is on, as he tries to track down Jenna and figure out why she's alive, and who was deceiving who.

Sound familiar? Yes it does doesn't it but I still can't wait to see where they go with it.

Great book, very similar to bourne (as many of ludlum's books are). However, I don't see how they are going to use this book with a bourne tag on it. I would rather they just make the parsifal mosaic a separate movie.

I haven't read it, but it sounds like there's enough there for them to adapt it to suit Bourne. Do you think they can do it, and still keep faithful to past Bourne films?

I guess if the next Bourne book had been written by Ludlum it would have been a no brainer. For the studio this could be the easiest way to continue the Bourne franchise without having access to more Bourne books.

I suppose making The Parsifal Mosaic on it's own means starting a whole new franchise. Would probably still make for a great film, but the studio is obviously seeing dollar signs with Bourne's name next to it.


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