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Brand remaking Arthur?

DudleyMore-JohnGielgud.jpgThere's a report that Russell Brand is looking to take the helm of a film series that a great British comedian once made his own, a franchise that may have dwindled through misconceptions about the comic himself, but was still charming, touching, and an enjoyment to watch.

I am talking about Arthur, the character made popular by the hilarious and wonderfully talented Dudley Moore.

It would appear that Russell Brand is looking to bring the fantastic character back to life in a remake of the 1981 film Arthur.

Word is that Russell Brand is to be meeting with writers over at Warner Bros. to look into bringing the character back to life, and he may well take the lead, according to Yahoo News.

What I like about this is that Brand could actually take a lot of modern life lessons to the part, and he could bring to life a modern day Arthur quite easily.

The original story was about a playboy who enjoyed his drinking far too much and is about to inherit a small fortune, however there are strings attached. He only inherits it if he marries an heiress his family thinks is a good acquisition for the family name, and of course he's not interested. Actually he's fallen in love with a working class girl and his valet is the only one who seems willing, and able, to help him.

Dudley Moore played Arthur, John Gielgud the valet, and Liza Minnelli the woman he really falls for. It is a great film that won an Oscar for the theme song as well as Gielgud's performance.

Personally, I think it should merited Moore a win rather than just a nomination, after all his performance is superb and really captures your heart.

You know what though? With all this talk of remakes and plundering great films that have already been made just fine, I actually see this as an opportunity, particularly for Russell Brand.

His background, and I don't just mean his past, are ideal for this role and if the writers could build something like Arthur, but much more modern with a little bit of an edge, we could see a really good role for him.

What I don't want to see is a straight remake, nor should they concentrate on churning out another comedy. No, I can see a modern Arthur with a darker edge, really struggling with who he is and his problems, and yet a natural comedy coming through that.

Do you think this would work? Is Brand a good choice? Oh, and if you're making all these decisions and commenting, have you seen Arthur? I think that would be an interesting gauge.



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