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Butler and Aniston in romantic adventure

JenniferAniston.jpgI've been concerned that perhaps Gerard Butler was going to be heading down the romantic comedy route a bit too much and not developing the rest of his career, and the announcement that he is in negotiations with Jennifer Aniston to star in a romantic adventure film suggests he's not escaping that image just yet.

Of course there may not be a reason to escape that, after all there's a huge fan base there for him, and romantic adventure could suggest Romancing the Stone type film, or something akin to Fool's Gold.

Now if they manage to get this right we could see something funny and exciting, but if they get it wrong it's just going to be another reluctant romantic comedy.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are an interesting combination, and the suggestion is that this project is something a little different from the standard romantic route. According to Variety they say that the film, as yet untitled, is about a bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve his ex-wife who has skipped bail.

Andy Tennant, director of Hitch and Fool's Gold, is attached to direct this film which was written by Sarah Thorp, who is most known for writing Twisted, a 2004 film starring a big cast and directed by Philip Kaufman.

Right now this is sounding like romantic film with a little action, but I'm hoping that Tennant and Thorp can produce something with a little edge, after all I've been saying for a long time Aniston could be a great dramatic actress, but she seems hell-bent on sticking with romantic roles that reflect Friends far too much.

Another romantic role for Gerard Butler too, something to show off his muscles a little, is that such a bad thing for the ladies? I'd like to see some more drama from him too though.



I think Butler and Aniston will be great together. And I think it would be great if the movie could be like the movie "Bird on a Wire" that was more action than comedy.

I saw that Gerard Butler is scheduled to start filming his movie the "Law Abiding Citizen" from January-March 2009. Since he is going to be playing a "psychopathic mastermind" I think it is good news that he will have a comedy to follow what seems to be a intense bad guy role.

Yeah, he has that and he's just finished Game and he has Tales of the Black Freighter and How to Train Your Dragon up coming.

I guess he's using the romantic comedy image as well as trying some more diverse things at the same time.

wish he would do more drama. am not a fan of chick-flick/comedy. though ps i love you was a little different. girlie films are a bit dull


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