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Card talks Ender's Game film

OrsonScottCard.jpgOrson Scott Card has been talking about the film of his Ender's Game novel, a film that we've been waiting to hear more from for some time, and what he's been saying is both good and bad.

Apparently the production we were waiting to see went down the tubes, mainly because he pulled the plug.

Speaking about the Ender's Game film Orson Scott Card said:

"Our option with Warner Brothers lapsed--I gave up on them when we didn't see eye to eye on whether the movie should actually resemble the story told in the book. (I was in favor of it). Now we're with a new funding entity, and they await only my script before they put together the whole package.

This means, however, that there's no scheduled release date and no director or cast chosen yet. Still, I'm optimistic enough to believe that the actor who will play Ender is not only born, but old enough to be in school--that's how close we are. (Ender and Bean will be about 9 years old in the movie--we're compressing it all into one year.)"

The comment comes from SciFi Wire and does give us hope that the Ender's Game film will get made, not only that but within the next few years. It's also great news that Card has such a grip on the development and that the film is going to be getting a loving script treatment from himself as well as such hands on attention.



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