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Ceaser not an Apes remake

PlanetoftheApes.jpgWell apparently the new film Ceaser from writer/director Scott Frank is not what we thought it was, and he's saying that this isn't a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, something I had already begun thinking considering how many stories were being missed out between the first and Conquest when compared to the original franchise.

So it didn't really come as a surprise to hear Scott Frank say that this isn't a remake of Conquest, especially when you hear that from every director who's approaching a story that's already been made. Yet Frank is more adamant.

Scott Frank has been talking to CHUD through Latino Review and revealed a few interesting points about his film Ceaser.

The first is that Caesar is not a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and the story says, and note that these aren't quotes from Scott Frank, these are the words of CHUD:

...his film will not feature talking monkeys, and it will not end with chimpanzees running wild in the streets, taking over the world. But it isn't entirely divorced from the world of Planet of the Apes, either. In fact, Frank sees his movie as the opening chapter in a saga that could span the thousand years between today and a world where apes rule.

It's a science fiction story that is the origin of a franchise that could take us to the Planet of the Apes film that we've already seen, so although it's not a remake of Conquest, you have to admit that it's sharing a lot of similarities, or at least it sounds that way so far.

He is reportedly very concerned about creating the character of Ceaser and wants to ensure that they create something very lifelike and believable, creating a super intelligent monkey that is totally within the realms of modern day science. Here's what the story says:

The science that creates a hyper-intelligent chimpanzee is based on current real world research...

Now there's a word that highlights something, this Ceaser is not the child of the apes from the future, there's a hint that he's going to be engineered by human science, not born of an ape, or maybe a bit of both.

However the story is definite that Frank wants to create an ape with effects that is photo-realistic, not a human in a costume, and that he wants to concentrate on characters as well as keeping the scale of the story down.

To me this sounds like the origin story of Ceaser rather than the ape society, and that it will be a much smaller scale than any of the Planet of the Apes stories we've seen to date.

What do you think? I'm not yet feeling the excitement about this film, especially with the idea that we're leaping back to an origin story with hardly an exploration of the future.



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