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Crank 2: High Voltage trailer online

CrankII-Face.jpgThe first trailer is online for Crank 2: High Voltage, the previously thought impossible sequel to Crank starring Jason Statham has been filming like mad, and the first footage out looks just that, mad.

Actually I'm hoping that this is really, really early footage because right now it looks like clips from a direct to DVD film.

The teaser for Crank 2: High Voltage starts off showing us quickly and rather effectively how the sequel is indeed possible, and what predicament Chev Chelios has gotten into this time, and apart from showing us that Amy Smart has returned and looking as sexy as ever, we're just treated to a series of swearing, some stunt set-ups, and a quick explanation of what Chelios has to do in order to remain alive.

At first I was just thinking it was shock value with all the swearing – oh yes, beware this is not safe for work, and but if you're still in work like me then it might not matter anyway, there's not many people about! Saying that I did get a little bit of a fright when the c-word was mentioned, luckily no one heard!

However it does pretty much deliver excitement and what you need to know about the sequel, I'm just wondering if we couldn't get something a little more polished. We'll probably have to wait for the proper trailer.

Well Jason Statham is back and looking like he's having fun, and yes, Corey Haim is in it.

In the meantime here's the teaser over at Intralink [QT:L] through AICN. What do you think? Seriously?

Let me just add in the Flash trailer:



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