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DVD One Star
Deepwater is one of those films that could go either way, it carries an interesting cast with faces you'll recognise from a number of films but yet you've probably never heard of this one. Lucas Black, Peter Coyote, Mía Maestro, Lesley Ann Warren, Xander Berkeley, Michael Ironside and Kristen Bell.

There's also the name of Dee Snider in the cast, it's a small part that's obvious, but for those in the know it is a surprise, but is that all that's going for it? A list of interesting names in the cast?

Deepwater.jpgWell after watching the film it has got some interesting ideas and facets to it, but its confusing and rather mishandled, and yet there's something that still drew me to the story.

Plot.pngA young drifter is running from trouble and comes across a crashed car with an unconscious occupant. He saves the man who rewards him with a job restoring his small motel on the outskirts of the town, as well as running a few small errands for him which seem to be a little on the side of illegal.

While he's doing up the motel he meets the wife of the man he saved and there's an instant attraction, an attraction that both feel and which beings to foster a suspicion with the husband.

TheFilm.pngOne of the problems I felt with the film was that it failed to pull me into the story and the main character of the drifter played by Lucas Black. I felt that the story raced forward and left me behind a little. With no sympathies for any of the characters I felt I was just watching the story unfold and that meant that I was disengaged.

The film begins quite normally, but slowly turns odder and odder from the moment that the drifter saves the man in the car. It begins with the man, then his actions, the motel itself, and moves on from there.

I can't help but think that if I was more engaged in the film then when the twists and turns occur I would have felt more of a hit than I did. I also think that if I had felt more sympathy for the character and the story and main character had more normality up front then the story would have worked much better.

The latter stages of the film, become confusing and you find yourself a little too lost to enjoy it, and when the story moves forward and begins to start to explain itself you get the twist in an instant.

That's one of the faults of the film, there's not a lot of granularity to it, there are no degrees or gradual change, it just changes and happens and that's it.

At the end of the story I felt that some main threads of the story were just left hanging, and I was left very unfulfilled by the story. When it seemed to deliver the biggest surprise, there was nowhere left to go, not much more explored, and the story leapt to a quick conclusion.

Generally it didn't make a lot of sense to me and failed to connect on many levels, I just felt I was along for the ride, and one where I was sitting in the back seat starting to nod off.

Acting wise it was okay, the two male leads were interesting at times but then seemed stiff or a little too much at times, and some incredibly cheesy dialogue didn't always help. The best performance came from Mía Maestro as the wife who never over played her part.

Audio.pngDolby Digital 5.1
The mix is a little strong from the rear speakers, mainly with the musical track, however there is a good use of the rear speakers throughout the film. There's also a good musical track used.

I found the style of the film rather confusing as it changed between styles such as warm, cold, bright, dark, and the use of strange effects. I never knew what the effect was trying to do, whether some things were imagined or some real. It did seem as though there was an attempt to match the styles with something happening in the story, but I just didn't get it, it was a little too confusing and the style changed a little too much to get a hold of. The picture upscales well enough to 1080p and some of the brighter, closer shots show a fair amount of detail.

Extras.pngMaking of
Making of
The featurette is very short and does pixelate during a couple of times. It does give a little insight into the production set-up, but not much more and seems like a quick extra.

Overall.pngIt feels that if there was a little less heavy handedness with the script to screen, and rather than taking it easy and slowly transition the story and the characters, it just switches them round and leaves you flagging behind. Then there's the big twist, and because the story just takes the turn quick and hard, the surprise is pretty obvious. It has some interesting ideas and the picture and audio are good, but the extras are severely lacking. Overall this isn't a great film, some good ideas and strong potential, but poorly executed on screen and a poor offering on DVD.

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