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Del Toro too busy for The Witches?

GuillermodelToro.jpgWe heard some time ago that Guillermo Del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón were set to adapt another Roald Dahl story when Del Toro suggested The Witches, and even produced a script in lightning time.

Cuarón loved the script and the project moved forward with Cuarón set to direct. However news today suggests that Del Toro is adding to his already burgeoning slate and is going to direct the film as well.

Guillermo del Toro has a huge raft of films laid out ahead of him, here's a stab at the ones he's been linked with, and I know I'm missing some out. Feel free to add any I have missed.

Producing Bag of Bones, an untitled Alfonso Cuarón film (could be The Witches), Mother and Child, Hater, Biutiful, Rabia, Splice and Afraid of the Dark. Writing and directing The Hobbit I and II, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Slaughterhouse-Five, The Witches and At the Mountains of Madness. Directing a possible Dr. Strange film, Deadman, Tarzan and a trilogy of vampire novel adaptations starting with The Strain.

Now that's one hell of a list, and it's not even looking at the rumoured third Hellboy that he says he would like to make. Have I missed any though? Can you think of more? You can search for all the Del Toro stories on Filmstalker using this tag.

Even if you can't that's enough to keep him busy for a long time, and yet MTV have the story that he's set to direct the stop motion remake of The Witches.

Alfonso Cuarón has revealed that he's off the project as director, although he will remain involved in the overall production, and that Del Toro is the man in charge. Not only that but he's going to make the film entirely in stop motion.

That alone is exciting, but I'm surprised that he chose stop motion for The Witches, perhaps because he felt that they were suited to such a style, who can tell. All we know is that the film will be stop motion from start to finish.

That's an interesting idea, but what I'm more curious about is how different his story will be from the previous film version and the original story. Does The Witches need to be remade? Even by Del Toro?

The other question is does he really have the time and will other projects on his slate suffer from this one coming along? Actually more than likely what we'll see is that The Witches will wait and just be added to the back of the queue.



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