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Director back on Justice League

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgApparently the "inside source" that said George Miller was off of the Justice League film was wrong, and according to official representatives Miller is still on the film and the project is still being developed.

Well, going back to what I was saying in the now false announcement, I don't think this is the right way forward and they need to stop development of this film and concentrate on the characters first.

The original story revealed that George Miller had been dropped as director of Justice League, and in fact he had announced it on the Sunrise Morning Show on Australian television.

Now though, Dark Horizons, who had the original source, are retracting the story after a representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell called them to deny that Miller appeared on the show or that he appeared on the television show. Now that's a good denial, if he wasn't even on the show then the rumour is most definitely false.

However we still come back to the main crux of the matter that I'd been talking about, creating an ensemble film without exploring the characters in their own right first. Can't they see that they'll have to spend most of the first half of the film getting the characters established, understood and then building the relationships, although if it's an origin of the Justice League then they could cover the relationships as the League comes into play. Yet the members will still have to be there.

I don't get it. Okay look at The Fantastic Four, it wasn't a great film, but one of the problems that many saw with it was that the film was that it had to develop the individual characters and took too long to get to what was The Fantastic Four.

Now that wasn't too bad because they were all more or less developed together, but with Justice League that won't be the case, we'd need three or four separate origin stories for different characters and pull them together, all in the opening thirty minutes.

I'd rather they spent the time developing each superheroe's own origin film, and then we can enter the Justice League film running, not spending any time trying to develop the characters.

Whether George Miller is on or off, they need to hold back and develop these characters first, for me that's the important thing.



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