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Donkey Punch R rated trailer

DonkeyPunch.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Donkey Punch (Filmstalker review), a cracking British film that would have been superb if it hadn't gone just a little too far.

Speaking of going too far, that's exactly what the new R rated trailer does, not in the R rated stakes, oh no, there's nothing wrong with drink, drugs and naked sex. No, with the story.

For me this tells just a little too much of the story and a glimpse of just about every single scene where the characters are at odds with each other, it even gives away the titular scene, something I would have thought was better left as a shocking surprise.

You can see the trailer below, and you can read the review of Donkey Punch right here on Filmstalker.

The film is well worth catching, a good strong British thriller/horror that has some great performances in it, but I fear that this trailer may be telling too much.



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