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Event Horizon on Blu-ray

EventHorizon.jpgThe news is really slow between Xmas and Hogmanay, but this did catch my eye. I'm a fan of Event Horizon, for more than just the great fun Sean Pertwee (please do more Mr Pertwee!) but because it's a genuinely good and scary film.

Well now it's out on Blu-ray and the review of the disc sounds superb, this might be an Xmas money purchase for me.

Oh I know Event Horizon is by Paul W.S. Anderson, but it's a strong science fiction/horror film and stars Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson and Richard T. Jones, what's not to like?

The story follows the crew of a spaceship sent to investigate the strange reappearance of another spaceship that was thought missing years ago after a secret experiment, an experiment that only one man aboard knows about. As they approach there's no sign of life, and when they board it seems that the crew befell a terrible fate, one that might also be about to happen to them.

First up it seems to sport a full 1080p transfer in 2.35:1 which sounds superb, not only that but there's more than just the DVD transfer here and the reviewer thinks that this is the best transfer to date.

With that throw on what appears to be an impressive DD-TrueHD audio track with DD5.1 to back it up and you're going to have an even better experience.

Extras seem to be strong too, there's an audio commentary, a 103 minute making of, and three short featurettes.

However I'm rather confused by the review of the Event Horizon Blu-ray, and I'll have to read it again to make sure I haven't missed something, but after sounding strong on the picture and the audio when compared to previous releases, the summary steps back somewhat. You can read the full review over at High Def Digest, but here's the summary.

"....approach the Blu-ray edition with some caution. While it boasts the same extensive supplemental package as its SCE DVD counterpart, it also has a problematic (albeit attractive) video transfer and an underwhelming (yet mildly impressive) TrueHD surround track. Still, the presentation offers a considerable audio/video upgrade over the DVD and should satisfy most fans. If you love 'Event Horizon,' picking this one up is a no-brainer… everyone else should give it a rent and decide from there."

I think it's in the final line there for me, that makes sense, but the opening sounds rather negative.

Event Horizon is a really good film, and with this sounding as though it might be the last transfer that has some money thrown at it, it's worth a purchase, I think I might be diving in there - it's not yet out on (Amazon.co.uk but is $19.99 on Amazon.com.



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