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Fame remake gains big names

MeganMullally.jpgI'm not surprised at the casting list for the Fame remake, it's not exactly a big surprise for one of the names as we already heard she was returning, but for the other two names there's a big television star connection.

Already you can see this isn't going to be a big budget casting film, or on the flip side, you might be thinking that they've got plans to take the film back to a television series with the stars leading the way.

Three names have been announced as joining the cast of the Fame remake, and they're all rather big names too, well in television anyway.

First up is Debbie Allen, you'll remember her as the dance teacher from the original, a casting announcement we heard about before, she's set to play the principal of the school. Charles S. Dutton also joins as an acting teacher, a damn good actor who suits that task perfectly.

Then there's the television connection. Not only are we getting Kelsey Grammer as an orchestra teacher, but there's also Bebe Neuwirth joining as the new dance teacher, you'll remember her as Frasier's wife from the Cheers days.

Finally, Variety tells us that the gorgeous and hilarious Megan Mullally is set to join the film as a voice coach, which is rather amusing considering her voice in Will and Grace! Some of you may be asking who that is, well let me tell you, she's the funniest and most loveable character in Will and Grace, by a mile.

I like the casting choices here, it's an interesting group of actors to play the teachers, but it does feel more like a television film cast than a big cinematic production, apart from Dutton of course.

What do you think, or are you not interested at all?



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