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Films that give you that Xmas feeling

ChristmasTree.jpgI've been struggling for a feature for Xmas this year, mainly because I'm really not in that Xmas feeling, and that sparked a thought, what is that Xmas feeling? For me it's about being nice to others without any selfish thought.

Like yesterday I had a parking permit with thirty minutes left, so I gave it to someone who just drove in. He was rather surprised and we wished each other a Merry Xmas, and I felt a happy feeling inside, and it's that happy feeling I'm looking for in films.

I could only think of a few films that meet that kind of criteria, but of course it depends on what you think the feeling of Xmas is all about, for me it's that very thing that happened yesterday.

What a feel good feeling film that is, and full of what I think the Xmas feeling is. The final scene with Bill Murray's character all reformed and getting everyone together for a sing song, including the audience, is a fantastic heart warming moment. I just wish I could have been in a cinema where everyone starts joining in with it! However when the character begins to turn it's superb to watch and that warm glow kicks on inside and lasts for a good while. Brilliant.

Pay it Forward
Now that's exactly what I'm talking about, doing an unselfish act for someone else. Now while the film didn't give me that warm glow as Scrooged did, it does epitomise what I think is the real Xmas spirit. The sentiments of the film are entirely in the right place if the film isn't the best.

Miracle on 34th Street
Now this film makes you feel warm all over, there's just no way to avoid it because it gets right to the heart of it, childhood innocence and opening up to hope. The story is wonderfully warm and even makes you start to believe too.

It's a Wonderful Life
Classic. What can you say about this film that's not already said? It's the way that the people the main character have helped rally around him in the end that is so heart warming, but what really makes it is that he's spent so much of his own life helping others and for so much of the film you think that he's been left out on his own. Wonderful.

So what is the Xmas feeling for you, and what films capture that feeling perfectly for you?



well, for me It's a wonderful life is like, the ultimate holiday "point" movie. What i mean is, it has a lesson and instils a feeling in you that the holidays are really supposed to be about after all. Family, friends, realizing what you have before it's all gone.

but for giggles and to just throw back and enjoy, in my family it's not christmas until we see "a christmas story" on tv. Little Ralphie shooting his eye out with his red rider BB gun gets me going every time!

merry christmas Richard!

I also like "It's a Wonderful Life," "Gremlins," and a "Christmas Story"

Merry Xmas Mogulus, thanks for being a Filmstalker reader this year.

To all Filmstalker readers, whatever you're doing, have a great one and I'll no doubt be back tomorrow, if not this evening with a few updates on pressie on Twitter!

Take care however you celebrate, and just remember friends and family, as in all these films.

Shevonne, A Christmas Story is a cracking example, and Gremlins is filled with fun and laughter, I love that film even now.

You can't go wrong with Die Hard.

The Evil Dead. Hey, I saw it first at Christmas OK!

Lars, you know, i just realized Die Hard is indeed a christmas flick...another reason to consider it THE best film of all time.

richard, i've been reading this whole time...took me forever to get settled back in and where i have time on the internet to delve in and comment.

Merry christmas, everyone!

When it comes to xmas movies then it has to be Robbie the Reindeer for me. I know its a "TV" series, but they are superb.

Check out:

Robbie the Reindeer in Close Encounters of the Herd Kind

for a good spirited laugh


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