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Updated: Filmstalker adds Google Friend Connect

Yesterday I added Google Connect to Filmstalker, it's an ongoing process and later today you'll see more added to the site, and as widgets develop you'll see more and more.

It's not the only thing you might not have noticed, and I'll go through a few of the other features in some regular updates on the site. For now, here's Google Connect.

Google Friend Connect is Google's new beta which allows the creation of social networking widgets which can be added to any site. I've started with the simple members board, but later today I'll be adding ratings, comments and the wall.

You can see the Google Friend Connect members board over on The Hub, a page that gives you everything about Filmstalker in one single shot. You'll see the members board just above two other members boards, one for MyBlogLog and the other for BlogCatalog.

If you have a Google sign-on then you can join Filmstalker's Google Friends, just hit the “Join this site” button.

Later today you'll see that all the reviews will have a rating and comments section, although you can still keep your comments on Filmstalker, the star rating system is a rather interesting addition. It's something I've been thinking of doing with a standard plug-in, but I'll see how the Google ratings go.

I'll also add a section in The Hub for a wall, much like the Facebook one, where you can leave comments for everyone to read.

That's it. Take a look at The Hub, sign up to Google Friend Connect (that's a mouthful), and I'll let you know when the other features are live.

Update: I've just added the ratings widget to every review and feature. Take a look at any of them, scroll down past the comments to the bottom, and you'll see the new widget. Get rating.



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