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Filmstalker downtime

Apologies all, Filmstalker ran out of bandwidth at 4am UTC this morning and the server didn't alert anyone, something that is being rectified as we speak.

Bandwidth hasn't been a problem up till now as the hosting company have been kind enough to cover it for me, however the site is growing so quickly it just can't be covered any more and Filmstalker has had to be upgraded once again.

We've moved onto a dedicated server, and that means much more cost. So far it's coming out of my pocket because the advertising just doesn't gain that much – why not you might ask? Well that's easy, I'm not trying to bleed you dry.

You'll see a lot of websites have automatic pop-ups, pop-ups that appear when you hit the search box or anywhere on the page, adverts attached to words in the text, flashing videos all over the shop, and on and on. Not on Filmstalker.

I try and keep the advertising non-intrusive to the reader, and that means I make less money. It's a compromise.

Plus there's just me writing with my friend Louise helping out when she can. There isn't someone at the head of the site with a bunch of writers churning out the content for them. Nope, everything here is by me. I do the behind the scenes, watch the films, write the reviews, answer the emails, and on and on.

It's a tough job, but I do love it. It just takes almost all of my spare time, something I've started to think about since my Mother died.

Anyway, I can feel myself digressing, which I do often! So now Filmstalker is back on metered bandwidth, and I have to pay for going over it, something that the site is doing every month. Good and bad news.

The lack of alerts this time I think we'll be putting down to the move to the dedicated server, so I would hope it'll all be working next month!

Thanks for reading, and keep coming back. Oh, by the way, have you seen the latest competition?




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