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Fincher on Chef film

DavidFincher.jpgLate last month we heard news about Keanu Reeves teaming up with David Fincher. The film is called Chef, but other than that details were sketchy.

Now Fincher has been talking about the film, and what it's about. So far there isn't a serial killer in sight.

Keanu Reeves in a film about a chef, directed by David Fincher, doesn't immediately spring to mind as a film project. But it is, and Fincher told MTV a little of what we can expect:

It’s good and chewy. It’s like a celibate sex comedy if that means anything...It’s really about the creative process. It’s truly an aromatic art-form, making food. I love that idea. And I love Keanu’s passion for that world.

Doesn't sound like any dark twists are in store there, which you might expect from Fincher. Is it really a comedy about the world of cuisine? This film isn't grabbing me from the get go. What about you?



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