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Ford turns against type

HarrisonFord.jpgHarrison Ford is back, or that's what the Box Office for Indiana Jones would have us believe, the actual film wasn't a patch on the originals but it's got to be said that it's better than the films he's shown us before. Firewall (Filmstalker review) springs to mind as a complete travesty.

Now though he might be leveraging his box office return with two rather interesting films, the first being a comedy which the way hotter property of J.J. Abrams is developing.

He may be praying for a fifth Indiana Jones film, although if George Lucas is heading up the story then we're not, but he has two more projects closer to reality according to the man himself through MTV:

"I have a comedy that's been developed by J.J. Abrams and a drama that I developed that talks about the pharmaceutical industry. We haven't sorted out which is first yet"

It would seem that the drama is a film called Crowley which tells the real life story of John and Aileen Crowley who had two children suffering from a rare genetic disorder. Harrison Ford would be playing a medical researcher in the film, not one of the parents, which sounds rather surprising as the Crowley roles seem pretty standard fare for him.

The J.J. Abrams film is Morning Glory, written by Aline Brosh McKenna who wrote The Devil Wears Prada, 27 Dresses and Fame. It's the story of a female news reporter who is struggling to make something of herself, and she is hired by an egotistical anchorman to revive a morning show which is also similarly struggling. Ford plays the anchorman and early rumours had Reese Witherspoon as the incoming reporter, that's likely to have changed by now though. Could any of this story based on fact perhaps?

I have to admit that if these two projects come about then he's managing to do a lot more with his career than previous reports would have suggested. A fourth Indiana Jones (Filmstalker review) with him looking to do a fifth, and the possible selection for another Jack Ryan film, it's more of the same.

However with a J.J. Abrams comedy and a drama that's really setting him apart from his standard roles, that has to be filled with promise for the audience and prove to be a bit of a gamble for the star.



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