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Hancock 2 confirmed

Hancock.jpgAccording to Will Smith Hancock 2 is a go, repeat, Hancock 2 is a go. He says that we'll definitely be seeing a sequel to the film within the next few years.

You may find that surprising, but it's happening according to the man himself, and he should know. That does raise the question of if he managed to get his own way for the sequel or not.

Back in February we heard that Will Smith was thinking about the sequel for Hancock, but there were some rather large requirements involved.

The rumour was that he didn't like the finished film and he would do a sequel only if he got the control to rework the story and almost redo the story forgetting the first one.

Well it's fair to say that Will Smith does carry that sort of weight with studios and really could demand such things from them, and if that rumour was true it would now be fair to say he got his way as JoBlo talked to the man himself and received a few interesting answers.

Smith revealed they'll definitely be doing a sequel and that there were a lot of unexplored characters in the Hancock universe that would be perfect for a sequel. Now who would they be then?

It certainly seems he's managed to get his way, and that could be a really good thing for the franchise don't you think?



Yeah, but then Hancock would have been pointless. Maybe they could explore a new villain, or he could team up with that women and fight crime. but the sequel(s) will probably be very good.

Hancock is my favourite film and i would love to see a sequel.

they better make a sequel

ive just watched hancock for the second time, and i forgot how good it is, i can see another "superman" coming and hopefully another 2 or 3 films.

Just watched Hancock and was surprised at how much better it is to the critics opinions. I keep hearing (and I to be honest this stinks a bit of "bandwagon") that they couldn't decide on how to finish the movie and as a result it was let down. What are they talking about?? This was a good movie easily deserving of 4 out of 5 stars. As for a sequel, bring it on!! Sooner the better.

Sequel has to be made because as good as the first film was it was a bit random - Ok so the movie is called Hancock but how can you make a film and NOT say who or what he was throughout the entire film. When i first saw it i was like ooo i wonder where Hancock came from and they dont even tell you in the film. still they have LOADS of time to make an even BETTER sequel where we actually get to find out where Hancock came from.


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