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Iron Man 2 rumours

TimRobbins.jpgI'm not going to enter into the insanity of the Batman 3 rumours, but I am going to look at the Iron Man 2 rumours, after all that film is actually in development, Christopher Nolan hasn't even found a plot idea that would be worthwhile for the third Batman.

So in Iron Man 2 there's casting news on the possible father of Tony Stark, Howard Stark, and it's a big name actor. There's also a big rumour on a couple of appearances which tie in for the big Avengers film.

First up there's the rumour of who could be playing Howard Stark, Tony Stark's father, for some very important flashback scenes in the next film. Latino Review through ComicBookMovie have the rumour that it's going to be Tim Robbins.

Robbins would be replacing Gerard Sanders who played the man in the first film, but the rumour goes that they wanted a bigger actor to carry off some of the build up work required to introduce the other Avenger characters and also develop Tony Stark's story.

Meanwhile there's word that both Hawkeye and Black Widow are characters we are going to see in the film, and for more than a simple cameo. Now what that exactly means I'm not sure, but it does suggest that they could be an integral part of the story for Iron Man 2 and that they'll be built up for their Avengers appearance.

I'm really looking forward to Iron Man 2, but there's something that's just started to nag at me all of a sudden, and it's something that so many superhero films fall fowl of these days, and that's having too many characters in the film.

We see it all the time with superhero films, the third Spider-Man was perhaps the best example, where too many villains diluted the plot and distracted from the hero of the piece and the real core of the story. You end up watching something flashing and crashing and going “oh, pretty”.

The question here is will Iron Man 2 make the same mistake? If the rumour is true we're seeing two heroes added to the mix alongside Iron Man, and this story is all about Tony Stark taking a downward spiral and fighting with himself and what Iron Man means while his friend takes over from him inside the suit. Isn't that enough of a story without throwing in two more superheroes to bring to life, explain, and to set-up with the future Avengers story?

Certainly starting to sound a little crowded to me.



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