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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer sequel plot

JackBrooksMonsterSlayer.jpgThe plot for the sequel to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer has been revealed, and it's a little bit of a surprise. Sadly it seems to be leaping straight to the end of the story of Jack Brooks, or at least it does on the surface.

Perhaps there's more to it, but you could surmise that rather than attempt to make a few films in the Jack Brooks series they've leapt straight to the end and seen the chance to complete it with just two films.

Over at ShockTillYouDrop through HorrorMovies.ca they've been given the rundown of the sequel to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Filmstalker review) which I thought showed a lot of potential. That film told us about the origins of the character, but now we're going to be leaping way in the future it would seem.

"Jack Brooks decides to retire from monster slaying, but not before taking one last job. Soon he finds himself helping stop a man with an evil plot to summon the demon Legion."

That's a hell of a leap forward from the film that introduced the character in such a cool way. I really hope that this isn't intended to finish off the character and that we could see another couple of films of his adventures, because the first one was a pretty surprising movie for what I was expecting.



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