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Joe Carnahan quits blogging

JoeCarnahan.jpgJoe Carnahan, the writer and director of Smokin' Aces, Narc, and the upcoming White Jazz and Killing Pablo, has been blogging on and off for some time now over at Smokin' Joe Carnahan, and he's provided one of the more personable celebrity blogs there are.

However now he's calling it a day, and while he doesn't say exactly why, if you've followed the blog it's pretty clear why.

Although he's had a few problems in the past with revealing a little too much on upcoming projects than the studios and executives would have liked, he had curtailed that quite quickly, which was a shame. We saw early concept art for White Jazz, which was quickly pulled off, and information on the Smokin' Aces prequel.

However I don't believe that's what stopped him, because we were still getting some interesting reports from his Killing Pablo, just not enough!

No, it seems the real problem was us, the readers, or rather the commenters.

Well not the majority of commenters, but the reason that I, and many other sensible people, hate the Internet, the people who are commonly referred to as trolls. Those who come onto a site and are just abusive and antagonistic to try and get a rise from others, basically people who use the Internet to hide behind and vent all they find that they can't vent or deal with in their own day to day lives.

Most of us are well balanced individuals and can hold discussions in real life and on the Internet, but there are those that relish abusing and attacking others as soon as they are well hidden enough to know that there's no comeback. Of course put these cowardly people into a real life situation and chances are they either aren't allowed out by themselves past tea time or would turn to jelly faced with an actual human being.

Over at Joe Carnahan's blog these kind of people were rampant and there were a fair number of attacking and extremely negative comments made towards him and his films. That wasn't all there was though, there were plenty of fans and positive comments made, I even left a few myself, especially when he was kind enough to recognise the Filmstalker review of Smokin' Aces.

However he didn't do himself any favours, he engaged these people head on and took a lot of what they said to heart, and that's a shame.

You see because of these people we're now losing the voice of the writer/director and he'll disappear back behind the marketing machines of the studios of his films. We're going to lose this view behind the films and the productions, this valuable source into pre-production and development.

I do wish he'd found a way to keep going, either by stopping comments or by asking for full registration to allow commenting. Maybe even employing someone to run the comments side for him, someone who could act as a go between and deal with these people while taking the real comments and questions to Joe for him to answer.

Unfortunately this isn't going to happen and his site is closing, and it's down t those abusive, arrogant people who can't be bothered to be polite or considerate, haven't heard of constructive criticism, and who find great personal achievement in attacking other people and bringing them down.

Personally I can't be done with them and would rather engage in intelligent discussion and debate, even if it does get heated.

So it's a sad farewell to Joe Carnahan's blog, but hopefully it'll allow him to stay focused on his film-making and produce some excellent films. I for one am looking forward to his future projects.



Oh is that what a troll is. I was wondering. I've been trolled. Not often, but every now and again you'll get a really horrid comment on a blog or forum discussion. Basically the minute you announce anywhere - hey, I'm a film maker have a look at my film - a few people will instantly turn nasty.

I try to stay nice. Even if a reviewer doesn't give me the number of stars I want. But I can understand this poor chap quitting. You get enough horrid comments and think, to hell with this I'll just make films. But engaging with them is pointless. Like 911 conspiracy theorists, best just to walk away.

While I've really enjoyed his movies and look forward to his future output, Carnahan really seemed to have a thin skin when it came to the commenters. This surprised me, considering the "tough guy" persona he puts forward.

Mark, I take the dig! I get tons of comments that make me wonder why I give up 80% of my non-working time for no profit whatsoever and run this site purely for the love of it.

Many are downright offensive and just get deleted, but a lot I leave up and try and engage, discussing their points openly and with regards to the topic in hand. Doesn't always work though and I sometimes lose patience a little, but then I walk away.

I see this a lot in business blogging, one of the first rules you have to remember is that you'll have to answer comments and deal with the public and customers directly. That means learning to deal with those who have a wide spectrum of views towards you and the company, hugely positive, to hugely negative and abusive.

If you can't deal with them then the blog will falter, as it did here.

No matter, the good thing is that he'll focus on film-making, and for fans like me and Craig that's great news.

I'm sorry to hear of Joe's departure from blogging. I used to work with him back in the early '90s in the Sacramento moving and storage industry. That guy could make a really long, nightmarish day go by quickly. Joe and I very much enjoyed working together; our quirky senses of humor fueling each other over the long hours. I even participated in an early read through of his "Narc" script in the back yard of his Sacramento home. I haven't connected with him since 1993. He's busy guy now, not a lot of time for people like me from his past, but I'll always have a warm place for him in my heart. I am so happy for his success. It was always evident he was meant for greater things than moving furniture.

If there's anyway you can get through to him, wish him well for me.


Nathan Ferris

Apparently its acceptable to produce hateful films such as A-Team. Ive never been so furious in a movie theater in my life. I had the Urge to strangel every person that snickered during the into to the movie.Out right hate directed at Mexico.By who? Coming from a people who have done nothing but commite genocide,enslave and proliferate off other people since being a huge mistake on this planet. I believe it was justfiable to have "silenced" Hitler because of his propaganda against the Jews. This is no different.

A-Team = fffffffflop!

Thank God this guy's getting shown for the no-talent ass-clown he really is.

For those of you who can't take the critical comments go be a used car dealer, and enjoy your willful self-deception. Pussies.

What's so hateful about A-Team David?

Jack: I can understand that though, when you put so much of your own time, effort and personality into articles and people come on swearing, calling you names, and doing anything but reading the article and engaging with some form of civility, it does hit you personally.

Fantastic article as always, I am seriously considering something along the lines of an affiliate section on my own site… so very timely post.


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