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Jurassic Park 4 still on?

JurassicPark.jpgJurassic Park IV may still be happening, albeit without the producers who were once working so hard to bring it back to life.

We heard from Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy two days ago that they weren't working on getting Jurassic Park IV off the ground anymore and that it was extinct for good. That might not be the view of the studio though.

There's a mixed message going on at the moment. Of course the producers are saying it's dead and they can't make it happen right now, but the studio may not be so negative, they still have the title jotted down on memos.

The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend have the story that Universal Pictures are cutting costs and not renewing a number of production deals with producers, that includes Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy - queue unhappiness of course, but don't queue the death knoll for Jurassic Park IV just yet.

According to the announcement they are cutting ties with the successful production duo, but there are a number of projects that will be completed first, and while Marshall believes this doesn't involve Jurassic Park IV, Universal believe's it does.

At Universal, the two producers will continue their involvement in planned sequels "Jurassic Park IV" and the untitled fourth Bourne film.

That's the quote. Now it is from two days ago as well, so the timing could be out on them, and it could be that Marshall had just received the news that the long running deal was to come to a close and that he'd be looking for new work and not really knowning what titles were still going to go forward with development, or it could be the memo was released earlier than the announcement. Who know who has the right information.

One thing is clear is that it may not yet be dead, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. I mean how can it really continue apart from hitting on the same storyline we've been seeing since Westworld? Is there a new location with man wanting to create a living theme park to exploit the animals only to find them turn against them?

If it does go ahead, please give it something different.



Nooooo someone please make Universal see sense. I loved the first and with 80% of sequels they never live up to the hype.

The bloody dinosours need to get off the island (somehow) and head to the cities.

Leave it alone they can't keep up with the 1rst movie , .


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