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Knowing trailer online in HD

Knowing-Still.jpgThe new trailer for Knowing has been released, and it reveals something a little extra that the original didn't. Sure there are some hugely improved action sequences with some riveting effects shots, but that's not what caught my eye, it's the two new story reveals.

Before we just thought that Knowing was about a list of numbers recovered from a time capsule that predicted the future major accidents perfectly, even giving the times and the amount of deaths.

However now there's something more we get in the Knowing trailer, first that the incidents are rising and that they are building to one big incident, one which looks like it might destroy life on the planet, or at least the U.S.

Still, that's not the big bit either, there's the appearance of the mysterious figures. The children seem to be able to see them and they're called The Whisperers, well by the kids at least who see them as soon as they read the list for the first time.

These strange characters seem to be involved and there's a scene that shows the Nicolas Cage character pointing a gun at one before it disappears.

Are they causing the accidents? Playing with humanity? Who knows, it's got to be said though that the effects look amazing, did you see that plane crash.

However much I'm excited by it all, and the fact that it's directed by Alex Proyas, two things smack me in the face like a cold brick. One is that Nicolas Cage is leading, and the second is that opening scene - oh lord his kid is deaf, brilliant.

Those things aside I'm still looking forward to it and I have the faintest hope that Cage won't be that annoying, what do you think?

Here's the trailer for you to decide. It's over at Apple Trailers [iPod:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] through JoBlo, and if you just want to see it you can catch it below.



Knowing looks like one thrilling movie and I have to totally agree that Alex Proyas directing is certainly a big plus. I, Robot wasnt half bad but The Crow and Dark City are both excellent movies.

Yeah I think people underrate I, Robot. Sure the studio got far too involved in it and there are some incredibly cheesy moments, but they are just that - moments and sequences. Overall it's a good film, entertaining, exciting and does manage to raise some important questions. It's not all it could have been though.

Proyas is an excellent Director though, left to do his thing we get films of the caliber of Dark City.


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