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McG reveals more Terminator Salvation spoilers

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThere's tons of speculation around Terminator Salvation and the secrets it holds, and we've talked about a lot of them here before, and a recent article about the film has given McG the opportunity to talk about the film, as well as give a couple of lines that might just point to a few reveals.

In case you want to remain totally spoiler free for Terminator Salvation, you'll have to wait for the main story.

We first heard the rumour about the human-Terminator interaction way back, the idea that the machines are harvesting humans to help create their army of Terminators, and that seems to have been confirmed in the Total Film article about Terminator Salvation, an article that reader Billy brought to my attention - many thanks Billy, bet you didn't think it would be this helpful.

In a little sidebar of the article that talks about the different machines, there's an interesting quote from McG:

"Harvesters collect human beings and rip the stem cells out of them and work on the human being so they can create the Schwarzenegger T-800 model, which was the machines' ultimate infiltration unit."

Now that's rather interesting don't you think? It's confirming that we are going to see that the machines are using humans to make Terminators. It raises the question of whether the early Terminators are going to be human-machine hybrids, and that leads us onto another old rumour.

We worked out some time ago that Sam Worthington's character is going to turn out to be a Terminator, and maybe the first Terminator that shows the ability to make decisions for themselves, maybe he's a human-machine hybrid Terminator whose human side is winning over the machine side and he's wanting to fight on the side of the humans.

Does the film convince us that he's human and then twist it round at the end? Or will we know what he is early on and he turns around his behaviour right at the end? Or is the real surprise the whole human-machine hybrid?

We don't know, and according to the article and McG, we're not meant to, nor are we close.

"Marcus is a totally new idea. He's responsible for Connor's idea that 'I thought I new our enemy and now I know nothing.' He's looking for his identity and it's not clear what he is. Can he be trusted?"

Then he goes onto talk about the ending:

"We've kept everything close to the vest. I want to keep it cloaked. I can tell you this: the T-800 is a major figure. What is the T-800 at its core? How that's expressed is something that I can't speak about. But the film definitely speaks to the coming of the T-800."

Moritz Borman, one of the film's producers, says of the rumours:

"No one has got it right yet"

Of course he would say that wouldn't he? He's not likely to say, "oh yeah, Filmstalker's got it right!".

However that's all pointing to the human-machine hybrid to me, but is that the actual ending? Who knows. Another moment that McG hints at is something we've seen a shot of in the trailer, and a moment I grabbed a shot of when writing about the new trailer, the moment when Connor walks into the factory where they are making the new Terminators.

"Connor is exposed to the equivalent of you and I breaking into Hitler's Germany and finding a factory full of V2's with nuclear tips. It suggests a different future. There's the crisis of Connor thinking he has the advantage because of what his mother told him, until he realises that what his mother told him means nothing, because there's a new sort of machine afoot."

The machine-human hybrid made from the stem cells harvested from humans?



Hey, just because McG's never directed anything worth watching and the production design looks dull and unoriginal and the story sounds wank and the only guy who ever made a good Terminator film is miles away from the project with an expensive virtual headset on, just because of all that doesn't mean it won't be a good film.

I think you may have cracked it Richard. I didn't put the information together (mainly because I was half awake on a very early train to work - but who's to say I would of solved this?) I think you may be right. I mean it would seem that it is all pointing towards that conclusion. Although the ending and story maybe exposed, I think it makes it an even interesting reason to watch the film. What we know about Marcus seems like you're right and... doesn't that guy towards the end of the trailer, dressed in white, look like Marcus... in a lab?

Thanks for the heads up!

Really interesting, especially the possibility of Sam Worthington being a hybrid (seem to remember a half human / half terminator hybrid from a Darkhorse comic in the early 09s?) BUT how can they be uncovering the whole stem cell plot if there is already a living example!

Mark I love your sense of humour, however on this case I think you are being a little too harsh. I think there's a serious chance of this being good.

Billy you're right about that scene, it does look as though he's standing in that lab realising what he is - he's either just been created or he's arrived in the lab later in the film to discover what he is.

Of course there could be a way off the wall theory, that Connor is a Terminator hybrid...but I think that's just too off the wall!

Hey James, good point, and something that Bale addresses in the same article - time travel. With that under your belt anything is possible.

Maybe the machines developed him and sent him back in time to embed him into a timeline where Connor would believe he was human and not consider him a Terminator - after all he's only seen pure Terminators before and coming out of the attack he's probably not expecting anything else but the pure machines.

I don't know, just theorising, but it certainly feels that way and all the evidence is pointing that way.

Cylons! So we now have humans being harvested for stem cells resulting in possible human/hybrid machines causing John Connor to realise that doesn't truly know his enemy. This smacks of BSG and the whole premise that 'they now look like us' and that the machines have 'evolved'. Personally I can't wait to see this - I can't help but have high expectations after seeing the trailer.

Remember though, this is prior to the whole Arnie Terminator model, so the machines can't be more evolved than that...or they can be but it'll have to end up with machines with an outer skin...unless there's something about the T-800 we haven't yet been shown.


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