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Miller to direct Buck Rogers

BuckRogers.jpgFrank Miller better find another directing style quickly or one of my favourite science fiction shows from my youth is going to end up looking like Sin City (Filmstalker review) - “no, The Spirit doesn't look like Sin City” - well it is panto season, you should now shout...

I'm not hearing good things about The Spirit so far, and even one comment that was simply “Frank Miller can't direct”, so I'm seriously concerned for this franchise and I'm wondering why they didn't try and go for someone with less comic book experience.

What I should have followed that with is “...and more directing experience”. Well hold up there, I have to interrupt myself and say that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was originally a comic book serial, so perhaps this is a good choice.

Well the news from The Hollywood Reporter is that Frank Miller is to write and direct the Buck Rogers film, writing I can see, but directing I'm not so sure about. This could have the potential to be of Battlestar Galactica remake proportions but for the big screen, and I'm concerned that the director Frank Miller has only found one style so far, and Buck Rogers will end up being an experiment for him.

That said the article does state:

“...while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it's expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller's signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption.”

Now I do like the idea of Miller writing a darker version of the story and bringing his style to the script, but he's going to have to develop as a director to take this in a different direction than Spirit City.

At the moment though the news is that his company are still negotiating for the rights and the deal has yet to be secured, but should they get the deal it looks like Miller might be making the film version of Buck Rogers a priority, and that could mean before Sin City 2.



Miller should stick with noir crime thrillers. I hope this doesn't happen.

Do a Sin City-style remake of Daredevil, but stay away from sci-fi. And I hope he doesn't plan on doing every film in the style of Sin City.


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