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Mossad exposed in new film

Israeli-Flag.jpgA script is currently being written that plans to open up the Mossad group to the world through a story of it's involvement in the disappearance of a nine year old boy in Jerusalem in the early 1960's.

The scriptwriters have been talking about the story and reveal that it's a film which will look closely at the Israeli government, police and the Mossad, revealing the story of their first major involvement in didn't involve terrorists and killing.

The film is the true story of the Yossele Case as it was known, the disappearance of a nine year old boy in Jerusalem at a time when the state was pushing to be recognised as a country that could provide a place for Jewish people all over the world.

The police could not solve the case and so the Prime Minister pulled in the Mossad to help them search for the child.

Guy Nattiv and Erez Tadmor are the two scriptwriters and the Reuters article states that they may direct, or perhaps it's just Tadmor, grammatically it's a little bit unclear, but judging from their last films they would both write and direct.

The film's producer, Alain Goldman has been speaking about the film and reveals it's not a complete expose of the Mossad, but more a look at Israel at the time.

"It's a Mossad story and will be entertaining, but it asks the very deep question: Is Israel a state that can't protect its children?...It's the opposite of 'Munich': It's the rare occasion that Mossad is called for something that does not involve killing."

Sounds interesting, although I would much prefer a film that looked into the Mossad, perhaps concentrating more on their creation and the growth of the organisation.



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