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New Friday the 13th trailer online

Fridaythe13th-RemakePoster.jpgThere's a new trailer for Friday 13th online and it's a corker. Okay it does give away short snippets to thirteen of the killings, and these might be all the killings they are – actually I've just thought about that and realised that's a huge give away, now you'll know the thirteen characters are set to die, there's no ambiguity.

Of course that's expected in a slasher film like this, but some of them get away, one or two at least. This might give you more of an idea of who.

You can see the new trailer for the Friday the 13th remake right here.

I'm hopeful for it in the same way I was for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, it's going to be a wild film of attack, attack, attack, and not a great deal of subtlety, but then that's what we want in a film like this isn't it?



I loved the trailer, this re-make looks like it's going to be a hit,I've got everything crossed.:)


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