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New Moon spin begins

Newmoon.jpgAs Chris Weitz is officially announced as being the director of the Twilight sequel New Moon, the author Stephanie Meyer comes out to praise Catherine Hardwicke and pave the way for a sequel at the hands of Weitz, dispelling any hint of a rumour at unhappiness with any of it.

Meanwhile Weitz comes out and does the same, attempting to appease fans and make them believe that there's absolutely nothing wrong at all.

Chris Weitz was officially announced as the director of the Twilight sequel New Moon at the weekend, and Variety now has the complete story.

However it was /Film that picked up on the marketing messages hitting the Interflab, insisting that all is well with everything, hoping to ensure that the fans don't get all riled up and start complaining about the changes.

The author Stephanie Meyer was the first to come out with the words in defence of the move.

"Like you, I'm sad that Catherine is not continuing on with us for New Moon. I'm going to miss her, not just as a brilliant director, but also as a friend. She has such a distinct, authentic voice that did amazing things for Twilight. I'm looking forward to every movie she does in the future. And she didn't leave us empty handed. We still get the benefits of her amazing casting and the beautiful visual world she created. This foundation puts us in a good place for New Moon."

Well there should be no reason that she's lost as a friend, but you're getting the idea - it's a great loss, we're all sad, but everyone will do well anyway.

Then she addresses the appointment of Weitz, and is full of praise.

"They've asked Chris Weitz, director of American Pie, About a Boy, and The Golden Compass, to join us, and I am very pleased to announce that he's agreed to be a part of our Twilight world. I've had the chance to talk to Chris, and I can tell you that he is excited by the story and eager to keep the movie as close to the book as possible. He is also very aware of you, the fans, and wants to keep you all extremely happy. (Torches and pitchforks are not going to be necessary.) I'm excited to work with Chris and I think he brings a lot to the table, not the least of which for me is that he wrote the screenplay for and directed one of my favorite movies of all time, About a Boy. I'm really looking forward to seeing his vision for New Moon."

I think this might be getting a little too much, it definitely is when you see that Weitz went out and did something similar, he wrote something for the Internet readers and actually his comes off sounding rather persuasive. Let's cut through the pleasantries about how great everyone is and how he's so grateful, and leap into the main text.

"For the last decade of my career as a director, I have chosen to make adaptations of complex and involved works of literature. This has always begun with the love of a book and its characters, story, and theme; and it has always involved a respect of and responsiveness to the feelings of other people who loved those books...

...Like many of you, I am a fan of Catherine Hardwicke's work. I can't really say much about why she is not doing New Moon because I wasn't involved in those decisions. But I can say that I will devote myself to making the very best and most faithful version of New Moon that can be brought to the screen. To those who doubt that as a male director I can capture Bella's experience. I can only say that emotion is universal and that my work has often involved working with some of the most talented actresses in the world."

Well he certainly sounds convincing and sincere, and reading his letter it does seem as though he is a very good choice for taking forward the next film.

Has he convinced you, the Twilight fan? Or for those non-Twilight fans, is this seeming like another big case of studio PR?



This whole PR spiel couldn't have been more ridiculous. Sure, it's the fans who made the movie financially successful, but it was not a good movie. It had potential and was entertaining when we weren't forced to count the pores and freckles on the numerous extreme close-ups. At times it was the only thing to do as the actors were directed to gaze into each others eyes for long periods of time.
I like Catherine Hardwicke, but I think she made many wrong decisions when it came to Twilight. She was passionate about the story, maybe a little too passionate, because she couldn't see past how awkwardly awful some of those lines were delivered. They should have been either cut or changed, but because it would upset the fans it was simply left alone. If anything it made for a good laugh.
I didn't hate Twilight and I by no means expected the book word for word...and dare I say some of it was too faithful to the novel? I think that might be a first. Then again the books are fluff pieces, entertaining, but nothing fantastic in the way of writing.
I'm hoping Chris wrote this PR note to placate the fans, most will soak it up, and then makes his version of New Moon and not try to stuff it with things fans will like.
Heck, if the Harry Potter movies were made that way I'm not sure we'd be making it to movie seven.
Alright...I'm done ranting...lol...

Well if we're looking at Harry Potter, remember that the first few films were very child friendly, and although they appealed to the fans, it wasn't until they started getting darker and a little more realistic that the non-fans started picking it up.

I wonder if this series will follow the same model, settling into directors, getting better and more adult, appealing to more than just the straight fans of the novels.

Harry Potter did start out whimsical and more geared for kids because the books were of the same tone and it is with book 3 that the whole story took on a darker edge. Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite book of the series.

When it comes to the Twilight series I've read the books (a few times) and have relished in the engaging story with my daughter, who also fell in love with the story.

New Moon isn't darker, it's more whiny, at least in the first 3/4 of the book. I have a feeling they'll skim over a lot of that and keep the stronger version of Bella we've seen on the big screen. We also see the friendship between Bella and Jacob grow. In my opinion the book doesn't get particularly good until last handful of chapters.

I don't believe Twilight will ever engage a large fanbase of non-readers of the series. The source material has its weaknesses and is mostly geared towards female readers. The action they beefed up in Twilight I liked a lot and it made for a better flick.

My hope is that New Moon builds on what Twilight started, makes good money and Eclipse is a go, that is my favorite book. There is talk the two movies will be filmed back to back, but right now all the news is only about New Moon, so I'm curious if they've reconsidered that plan.

So the story doesn't really tread into darker realms at all, it just keeps the lighter side of teenage angst? Even on the third novel?

Well you're right, if that's the case then it'll find it hard to break out beyond it's current readership, which is a shame as the film should really look to capture the current fan based and grow.

Personally I think they'll go for New Moon on its own and just play it safe with one film for now.

New Moon has a lot of teenage angst; however there are a couple of other interesting plot lines. What I look forward to the most is the last part of New Moon because it brings in some new, very interesting, characters.

The Twilight series, which is four books, is at its base a teenage romance story with a little bit of action tossed in to keep things interesting. Eclipse is the best of the four and offers the most opportunity for a good action scene. If Weitz pulls New Moon off I'll look forward to see what he'll do with the next.


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