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New Terminator Salvation trailer

TerminatorSalvation.jpgSince the original teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation, we have been waiting for a proper one. Well now a new trailer is online at last. It's a Japanese version, but only the subtitles are in the language.

The trailer looks good, and includes shots of the new Terminators. Has McG pulled it off? Head inside for a look.

McG has been slowly winning me round since it was announced that he would direct Terminator Salvation. With Christian Bale as John Connor, and Sam Worthington onboard too, it's looking good. The new trailer is below from You Tube, through Coming Soon.

My only complaint is that Christian Bale seems to have copied his Batman voice over to Connor. Some of the new Terminator footage is in there too, if you missed it when we originally showed it. This film looks like it could be awesome. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

Update: Richard: There's one down already, here's another couple to keep you going.



Oh my lord. Going by that I think he's cracked it. That's a superb trailer and is packed with tension, suspense, and some hard ass action, but it really doesn't give the feeling that it's all action sequences like the third film.

By jove, I think the boy's done it!

I couldn't of put it better Richard. Looking fantastic!

Well spank my ass and call me Charlie: I think you're right.

I've gone from ice cold disinterest to red hot...er...excitement in one trailer. Fantastic. Love the look of it, the effects, Bale, everything. Much coolnes. It's like a grown up Transformers.

Bring it on.

It does look good and I can't wait to see it but I still have huge misgivings about the daft robots in there. The 'Tron' like speeder bikes...why? Would the most sophisticated artificial intelligence knock out such things? And the big bot at the end. That just smacks of kid pleasing 'Gee dad, look at the big robot'. The fact they're using that as the money shot to close does worry me a bit.
I guess the toy spin off angle has already been set in place eh?
I might be taking my enthusiasm for the lore of Skynet a bit far, but I'd rather see the cold logic of a computer mind that whatever happens to look cool.

If anyone else is as obsessed with the afor mentioned lore of Skynet, this site from someone with more than a little time on his hands is incredible...

Oh gosh Captain Black. I think that person has detailed files.

Captain Black, I'm with you on the silly robot front. I'd said this a little while ago when we first learned that they were having all these different types that I couldn't see any need for.

Surely a logical creation wouldn't make something superfluous - as flying machine, a walking machine that could look like a human, and granted, something to go into the water. What else would they need?

The motorbike Terminators are a bit much for me. I suppose when the machines first started kicking butt, they would make machines the easiest way they could. And car plants would make sense. It does seem a bit slick looking though.

Is it me, or were the motorbike terminators not sent out by the larger one? Guess that makes more sense. God, I'm surprising even myself, by how geeky that sounds.


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