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No crane kick for new Karate Kid

TheKarateKidCrane.jpgThe Karate Kid remake has just annoyed me even more. Yes, I didn't think it was possible either. The pointless remake, just got even more pointless. Seems Jaden Smith, son of Will, wants to do away with the Crane kick.

This remake makes me want to shove my fingers in my eyes, and swirl them around.

When rumours of a Karate Kid remake first arose, Will Smith kicked them into touch. But if anyone was breathing a sigh of relief, it didn't last. It then came out that Will Smith was producing the remake, and his son Jaden would be starring. And despite the fact that Jaden is only 10 years old (the original Karate Kid was a few years older), they are cracking on with it. Already it seems to be shifting towards a younger audience than the original.

Well now Jaden Smith says he doesn't want to include the infamous crane kick. Yes, the one that ends it all. Jo Blo says it's all down to videogames, I knew those were bad for kids...

Will says that he plays fighting video games and wants to model some of his moves off what he sees coming out of his Xbox.

And that includes losing that crane kick. Apparently Will Smith is trying to talk him round. The more I hear about this remake, the less I like the idea. But then it isn't being made with me in mind. I think I'll just stick with the original, and pretend it isn't happening. It's worked with this film.

Are you at all interested in The Karate Kid remake? Should they drop the crane kick?



No way I am seeing a remake of Karate Kid!


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