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Obsessed full trailer online - reveals all?

BeyonceKnowles.jpgWhat the hell are these people who cut together trailers thinking? Why do they have to show the ending to a film, why can't they just set them up any more and leave us wanting more? Is it really that the film is so rubbish?

Take the full trailer for Obsessed, cuts from which we saw the other day, it looks like we've just seen the entire story, what more do we need from the Beyoncé Knowles, Ali Larter and Idris Elba starring film?

The trailer tells us that Idris Elba plays an executive at an office who meets a new temp, played by the gorgeous Ali Larter, in the office, there's an obvious attraction and she wiles her way into being his temp. Then there's the Xmas office party where things get a little out of hand, it looks like he ducks her advances and from there the woman builds a fantasy in her mind of what's happening.

She breaks into his house, sits with his child, destroys photos of her wife, played by Beyoncé Knowles, and pretty soon she knows about it, mainly due to the fact that the woman has attempted suicide while naked in her husband's hotel room.

The woman comes round to his house again, there's a confrontation with the wife, she tells her husband on the phone that she'll sort it out, big War of the Roses type fight, and the temp is left hanging on barely to the hand of the wife, looking like she's about to fall to her death.

End film. Why do we need to see any more? Okay, let's just imagine for a moment there is, let's just imagine this is perhaps three quarters of the way through the film and there's loads to come yet, surprises and shocks galore (actually I think there is, but I'll leave that for a moment), why would the trailer make me want to see more? I've just seen a complete story.

I've just been sold a story from start to almost finish, with my head telling me there are seconds left of the story. Why do I care about seeing more, even if there is? There's no hook. There's no excitement or tension left that I need to go and see it. I don't want to go and see the same story played out but with more detail in between.

Let me say some good things about it though, despite Larter looking as though she'll be pulling on her good-bad acting skills from Heroes, she is superb at that. From what we've seen she has bags of acting talent, as does Knowles, and if she can make us forget the performance persona she has then we'll be won over. While we're drooling over the ladies, let's not forget the superb Elba.

They've also revealed that this isn't just a Fatal Attraction remake, Obsessed seems to bring us a lot more, particularly with some of the nicer camera shots and feelings that we get in the trailer when the obsessiveness of the woman is revealed.

However there may either be a big problem, or a fantastic twist to this film. Something I haven't quite worked out yet. I'm going to leave that till after showing you the trailer which can also be seen in high definition over at AOL through First Showing.

Okay, so here's something I caught in the trailer, and this may be a wise point to leap forward for you and head to the comments, but here's something I caught, and it may be nothing.

"Two different perceptions" is what the trailer frames before we see the bungled romp in the men's toilets, and it does look bundled from the way it's cut, and it also does appear to be from the viewpoint of the man.

Leap forward to some other framed tites later in the trailer. "What you hide makes you innocent" and "what you reveal makes you guilty" with the final clue being "and the truth lies somewhere in between".

Now I'm starting to think that maybe he's not telling the truth, and that we see the bungled attempt at seduction the way he wants us to believe it, and it didn't really happen that way, perhaps even at all. Could the twist in the tale be that he's really lying and that she's really obsessing because he's denying what they had?

I'm not sure, but that starts to intrigue me. So why was it so well hidden in the trailer, and why does the trailer neatly play us out a story and leave us satisfied at the end of it? That's not how they're supposed to work.



Gee you're sharp. And that Lisa (Ali Larter), she is freaky.

Angela, that's my point. It's getting far too easy for the audience to discover what's going to happen in a film from the trailer these days.


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