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One Week trailer online

JoshuaJackson.jpgJoshua Jackson hasn't really set the world alight for me since the days of Dawson's Creek, and to be fair he didn't really then, but even in his new on screen guises, such as Fringe, he still seems like Pacey to me.

However maybe a leading role might change things, and One Week might be the film for him.

One Week sees Joshua Jackson playing a man who, I think I managed to get from the trailer, is told he has a limited time to live, so before he's scheduled to get married he decides to take a road trip on an old motorbike to do that finding yourself thing - hey mate, you're right there, I can see you! He heads from Toronto to Tofino and stops at famous landmarks on the way.

Doesn't sound hugely enlightening, but watching the trailer there's a little spark of connection with the story, but I'm not sure the cut is enough to pull me in. It does look interesting, but I get the feel that the trailer is missing something.

Here's the trailer found through Row Three.



then don't watch One Week if the movie is not good enough for you. Why did you bother even watching the trailer if Josh doesn't do anything for you. Nobody's forcing you to watch his movie. Go watch

Oh you don't get marketing do you? Companies want to market their product to a wide an audience as possible, trailers and adverts are there to sell products to people who normally wouldn't go and see them, thus widening the audience and the profits.

This trailer should be appealing to me particularly because I don't think Joshua has been doing that well in film. It should be advertising and selling itself to a bigger audience, that's how it works.

So saying that I shouldn't be watching it or giving it a chance is going against the whole point of marketing!

If we all did as you suggest so many films would never be seen, so many good and great films would have lost their audiences.

If you don't think that josh has done well in film then why did you even bother caring about watching another Joshua jackson film? Also, are you basing this on films that he has only has 10 minutes in? Have you bothered to watch Aurora borealis, americano, i love your work or are you one of those people who only watch his ten minute cameo in bad movie but refuse to watch his LEADING role films?
Again, don't bother if Josh isn't good enough for you. screw marketing. This film is only going to be released in canada and back off.

Also, have you even seen Fringe?

Trailer seems a bit sterile which doesn't fit in well with the plot, but at least Joshua Jackson isn't playing Pacey like he is in the frankly terrible Fringe.

I've watched all the episodes of Fringe so far. Pacey, although some are calling him "dark Pacey" which I found rather amusing.


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