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Phantom of the Opera sequel revealed

PhantomoftheOpera.jpgBack in May of this year - well it's only this year for a short time now, after this day is through it's 2009! - I wrote about Andrew Lloyd Webber revealing that he was creating a sequel to Phantom of the Opera, now he's revealed the title and a few details behind the story.

However fans of the film version will have to wait, because first up is the stage show, and while we might not have to wait as long as we did for the first film after the stage show started, we could wait until it's mopped up on the theatre runs.

Back in May 2008 Andrew Lloyd Webber said:

"I have got my own new show coming on next year, which is my sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, which I think is going to be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time...But that will come on in November next year, probably, if everything goes well."

Well the title has turned out to be Phantom: Love Never Dies with the story is to be set a decade after the original story and moved to Coney Island in Brooklyn, that's a fair leap from the Paris Opéra. Oh, and the object of affection Christine will return.

The big question though is who will be playing the lead? IESB who have the title, have the quote from Webber that reveals that they already have a Phantom in mind for the stage show:

“We are pretty clear who our Phantom is going to be - I can't say who”

Speculation does leap to Gerard Butler, but I can't really believe he'd take to the musical stage run for the show, but I could definitely see him reprising the role on screen should it ever come to a film, which let's face it, it will.

The plans for the stage show are to open in New York, London and some Asian city with the three companies all rehearsing at the same time and opening times running extremely close to each other.

Now think on that for a moment, it's the stage equivalent of a fast track, I wonder if they're going to race forward to the film as well?

Would you like to see the sequel adapted to film? Have someone in mind for the stage show lead, or more importantly should Butler return for the film from his memorable role in The Phantom of the Opera?



Not so sure about this sequel for the POTO. It is going to be quite a challenge for ALW to top his own classic.

Do you think ALW is talking about Michael Crawford with that teaser and not Gerard Butler? Crawford would definitely insure a box office hit.

And I agree, I could definitely see Mr. Butler reprising the role on screen should it ever come to a film.

I would LOVE Gerard to reprise the role for a movie sequel but unfortunately he would never do the stage role. But as far as the screen? No other Phantom will do! Gerard is the one and only as far as his die hard fans are concerned..Andrew choose wisely my friend we are all counting on you!

No I really don't believe that Butler will be taking up the stage role, I think he would consider reprising the film role for sure, it's what many of his fans would want.

Michelle you could well be right with Crawford for the stage role, unless Webber is eyeing someone totally new. I really don't think that they'd consider doing one of his talent search series for a show this big, so going back to Crawford would be a strong choice.

Personally, I love the idea of a sequel to POTO, but from what I am reading about the plotline, I'm kind of disappointed. If this plot is for real, it has all the characters acting unlike themselves. If Christine and Raoul love each other so much, why is there a chance her child could be Eric's, especially when her character was portrayed as an innocent young woman (innocent young women don't have sex with multiple men, especially in that era). Second, as much as alot of fans wanted to see Eric and Christine together at the end of the orginal musical/book it didn't happen, she choose Raoul, that's that. It would be depressing to sit through the sequel and watch Eric pine for Christine's love again. I see him going to Coney Island to leave the past behind, collect the pieces of his broken heart, and start anew, possibly a new love interest, perhaps similar to Christine, but not Christine. In having him lusting over Christine still, it takes away from his masculine character. That is just my opinion though.

I think you are all crazy. Gerard Butler is the one and only person that can play the Phantom!!! And by the way Micheal Crawford is in his late 60's, almost 70. The phantom is supposed to be like a disfigured demi sex-god! A 70 year old definatly does NOT fill that part! I think a sequel is a good idea, I just hope that it's not so different that it ruins the original story. With Andrew Lloyd Webber, i'm not worried that this will be the case. A couple of my friends and I would be overwhemled by tears if anyone other than Gerry played the phantom. We probably wouldn't go to New York on opening day! (but maybe the next day!)

Oh wow! That's great news to hear - it will be a big challenge for Sir Andrew but I have faith in his talent! Not quite sure about the American setting after the lush Opera House but if it's done well, I guess it might work... I wouldn't have thought Gerrard Butler would have the stamina to play in the stage musical but I sure want to see him in the film version! He's my favourite Phantom, the way he played it was brilliant! Hope we don't have to wait long for the film!

I must agree with everyone that there would be no one better for the film version of Phantom then Gerard Butler. It would be an enormous disappointment for anyone else to even be considered. I dont think he would be interested in the stage version and I agree fresh talent would be more appropriate then Michael Crawford. I'm completely confident in Mr. webber properly progressing the music into the sequel. it will be a magnificent show in it's on right.

My vote goes to Alfie Boe!!!

OMG! Yes! I'd love Gerard Butler as Erik again. Hope the film wont take too long.

I am a huge fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber's and await his sequel (movie) with great anticipation. However I and many others would love to see Gerard Butler reprise the role in the movie.But for the stage I'm thinking someone like Josh Groban? Okay maybe not old enough but hey there is always make-up! Gerard could do them both I have no doubt about it but would he? My fingers are crossed but thank-you Andrew for at least keeping this beloved story alive!

Well, being that I do not live in the cities the musical will be performed, I am hoping for the film!!! And if I, myself had the power to pick anyone to write it, it would be most definitely be Andrew Lloyd Webber!

I saw Love Never Dies in London last month, and although it is not as good as POTO, I still thought that it was just amazing!! I wish it won an Olivier Award!!


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