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The Phantom sequel

ThePhantom-BillyZane.jpgRemember Billy Zane as The Phantom? The purple lycra clad superhero who was descended from a line of African heroes and is described as the ghost who walks? Well he's coming back, The Phantom is to get a sequel.

Bruce Sherlock, a producer from the first film, is set to bring the character back to the big screen for a sequel, and film it entirely in Australia.

The Phantom Legacy is the new film and it doesn't sound like it's a sequel, perhaps more a remake, according to Bruce Sherlock through Associated Press and Yahoo News:

"It has the makings of a blockbuster...There's some surprises that will thrill the Phantom fans worldwide."

I don't know how many fans there are of The Phantom, I certainly am not one of the Billy Zane led film.

The Phantom tells the story of Kit Walker who is the next in a line of family members who have the lifelong mission of fighting injustice, something that began when a family ancestor went out to avenge his father's death at the hands of pirates. The character has no superpowers, he merely has two rings, one with a good mark and the other an evil one, he punches evil doers with his right hand and marks them with the evil mark, while those he befriends receive the good mark. Probably not with a punch though!

This latest version is expected to use up a budget of US $87 million and the script writer Tim Boyle reveals a little about the plans for the story:

"[It will focus on] the Father/Son relationship, and what it means to be The Phantom...The film will be set in the present day and will deal with the concept of destiny."

It seems that the film will be shot in Australia and the filming is set to begin in six to nine months, and as for the face of the Phantom, the producers are suggesting that they are in talks with a few very talented actors, in fact the article uses the quote "top talent". I really would be surprised if they turned out with a top name for the role, but stranger things have happened.

The Phantom Legacy looks set to try and start a franchise as they have the old Phantom pass the task onto his son and ask them to take the oath and perform the tasks of The Phantom. Chances are that the son doesn't want to do it at first and is caught up with modern life, but ultimately he will find his place as The Phantom and we'll see the chance for sequels.



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