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Stalker's Top Ten 2008: Louise McGregor: Worst Rumours

10FSReel.jpgAnother Stalker's Top Ten, and for this one I'm turning to Louise. You'll have noticed her helping out on the site with news stories, she's a good friend from Edinburgh who shares a passion for writing, films and strangely also gaming!

Her list is about the strangest film rumours that she's written about this year, and some of them are hilarious and should go down in history as being totally insane.

Remember, if you want to create your own Top Ten, it's easy, and it'll get posted up on Filmstalker for all to see. I have a good number sitting in reserve being posted every few days, but there's always space for more. Read on to see how to submit yours.

Here's Louise for her cracking list.

While writing stories for Filmstalker, there is one word that I seem to type more than most. That word is: rumour. With that in mind, here is my list of the 10 best rumours of the year. Well I say best, mostly it's rumours that are ridiculous and never came true, some unfortunately did. And some we still have no idea.

Number 10
First up, one of my favourite sitcoms of all time , Friends. On the back of Sex and the City's film success, the rumour appeared of a Friends film. Does anyone else feel like it's never really gone away? Talk about repeats.
Verdict: Wouldn't hold your breath.

Number 9
Could there be another Buffy the Vampire Slayer film? Word had it that Joss Whedon was banding a script around. Would Sarah Michelle Gellar be back? Would we want her back?
Verdict: Not outside the realms of possibility.

Number 8
Ghostbusters 3 after all these years? Well probably yes. Rumour has it that a script is being worked on. But unfortunately it may mean a bunch of young hip Ghostbusters at the centre of the story. However, it may also mean Sigourney Weaver and maybe even Bill Murray coming back.
Verdict: If it does happen, it will probably take ages.

Number 7
A rumour confirmed next. And it's the Karate Kid one. It was last year that a Karate Kid remake was first mentioned. With Will Smith's son Jaden no less, and Will Smith producing. 2008 saw it become reality. What is the world coming to.
Verdict: Sadly true.

Number 6
Another superhero, this time Captain America. Will Smith was rumoured to have been offered the role. Some people had slightly confused looks on their face, and some thought why not. Interesting while it lasted, which wasn't long at all.
Verdict: Not likely.

Number 5
The rumoured Lethal Weapon 5 popped up a few times this year, but has still gone no where. Richard Donner thinks it won't happen without him, and Joel Silver thinks it just might. Would be good if all the original team were back.
Verdict: Still possible.

Number 4
Punisher: Warzone kept us going on rumours, well it beats and actual marketing and publicity. Despite the on again off again director saga, my favourite is the rumoured PG-13 rating. Given the amount of heads being blown off, a PG-13 version seemed crazy. Thankfully, crazy it exactly what it was.
Verdict: Luckily not true.

Number 3
A Batman related rumour next, but this one has Sylvester Stallone as an older Batman. Frank Miller, writer of The Dark Knight Returns, thought Sly would perfect as the aged superhero. Might be rather cool to see. But not while Nolan is in charge.
Verdict: Who knows.

Number 2
Terminator Salvation had plenty going on. Casting rumours, plot rumours, and don't forget the Arnie rumour. Could the man himself be making even a small appearance in T4? Would be awesome.
Verdict: A definite possibility. Yeah.

Number 1
Batman 3 sent me batty with constant casting rumours, despite no director or plot. Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman sounded credible. My favourite though has to be Cher as Catwoman. Utter nonsense but quite funny.
Verdict: Thankfully not true.

Oh that's a good list Louise, thanks for that. I particularly love the Stallone as Batman in The Dark Knight returns story, one which I actually like! Then there's the Batman 3 rumours, all of them, and all of them quite frankly rubbish. Anyone touting a rumour just now is talking out their bumholes. Nolan has said that he hasn't even thought of a good plot idea that would make him want to write a script for the film, never mind casting, and those are his words, the writer and director, not an inside source!

What do you think of these rumours? It's a good list, so get commenting, and if you think you have a better list, be it a top ten or anything at all ten, then get it sent in to me at an email.

Honestly you can write about anything, a couple of the lists that are coming in are for most memorable moments, best films about babes and even the best stage plays that would make great films. So you see you can create a list about anything, and you're not stuck to one either, one reader has sent in three! Get writing.

If you want to look at the other lists that have been sent in, then just head to the Stalker's Top Ten section.



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