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Ray Winstone joins Cleopatra

RayWinstone.jpgI was fairly surprised, when we found out in October that Steven Soderbergh was making a musical about Cleopatra. Not any musical either, a 3-D, live action ,rock and roll musical no less.

With two main stars already either cast, or close to it, Ray Winstone has been cast as Julius Caesar. Steven Soderbergh has also been talking about what drew him to the project.

Steven Soderbergh is getting together a pretty good cast for his Cleopatra musical. He has Catherine Zeta Jones as the woman herself, and Hugh Jackman close to playing Mark Antony. He can now add Ray Winstone as Julius Caesar. MTV spoke to Soderbergh and got some idea of how he came to be making this film:

I’ve always wanted to do a musical. All the ones that were coming along just weren’t for me. I wanted to do a real rock n roll musical like ‘Tommy.’ During my research it appeared that most were female driven. So I started thinking about female protagonists. I was thinking about Catherine. It doesn’t take too long to think about Catherine and famous female historical figures to get to get to Cleopatra.

The music in the rock and roll version will be supplied by Guided by Voices. And if anyone is expecting a serious film, then you are mistaken.

It’s like an Elvis musical in a way. It’s not serious. I mean it’s historically pretty accurate but its sort of like ‘Viva Las Vegas’ meets ‘Tommy.’

Is anyone expecting a serious film, with a rock and roll soundtrack? Musicals are not my bag, so I'm struggling to see a Cleopatra musical done in this way. Any fans of the film versions out there? Will Cleopatra make for a great 3-D, rock and roll musical? Do you want to see it?



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