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Reeves playing Asian Samurai

KeanuReeves.jpgKeanu Reeves is going to be playing a Samurai in 47 Ronin, an Asian Samurai no less, not a western man who has become one.

There's nothing like shoe-horning a star into a role, and this looks like a really good case of it, especially when you see the article quote.

The film is pitched as an epic period story which is based on true events of a band of Samurai warriors who avenged the death of their master in Japan on precisely 14th December 1702. Sounds interesting, and having seen The Last Samurai, we're always up for a star studded Samurai epic.

However Keanu Reeves has been announced as playing one of the Asian sword masters, which is interesting considering they are all Asian in the tale. Variety tells us:

"…Reeves -- who's half-Asian -- can fit the role as one of the swordsmen"

To be fair I have taken that a little out of context as the writer, Chris Morgan who co-wrote the Wanted (Filmstalker review) script, is tailoring it for Reeves as one of the warriors. Now that could mean that he's making it a bit like The Last Samurai, so that a non-Asian could take up the role, but still it stretches some of the believability, especially since the story is true.

47 Ronin won't just be a straight up film though, apparently it'll tell a stylised version with fantasy elements as well as the gritty reality of battle.

It does sound interesting, but is it going to be a case of shoe-horning the star into the role by writing it around him? It might not be such an issue if the story weren't true, but then they're stylising it anyway which would suggest Morgan is writing it away from a true recreation to something more dramatic.



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