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Rob Zombie back for Halloween 2?

Halloween.jpgWord was that Rob Zombie's Halloween remake was to be getting a sequel, and the rumour was apparently that the makers of Inside, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, were to be the ones given the task. Well it seems not as they have moved away from the studio and the film has been left director-less.

Although now the rumour is that Rob Zombie himself, the man who said he would never remake anything, is not going to give a sequel to his remake. I wonder if he said he would never do a sequel?

Right now this is a rumour, but remember how strong the rumour of him taking up the remake went?

ShockTillYouDrop have an “inside source” who says that Rob Zombie is going to take up the role as director for the sequel and that Halloween 2 is set to start shooting in March, now that seems rather fast to me and would perhaps mean that his other projects would be on hold, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I'm not that phased nor excited about the news as the Halloween series isn't that a hot property as we'd hoped. Sure the first film was better than expected, but it still wasn't what we had hoped for.

I guess it's good news that the same director is on board for the second film, although it would have been nice to see the franchise change at each turn and be handed to new directors. Who knows, with this being a rumour and scheduling seeming the way it is, perhaps there's still a chance for that to happen.

Still, it might allow Zombie to take the franchise away from remakes and tread its own ground.



He's definetly not said he'll never do a sequel seing as he's done one before. House of a thousand corpse the sequel was devils reject

Yeah I was more trying to draw attention to the fact that he'd stated remakes were evil and the lowest of the low, then done one.

Is it a good decision though Chris, and would you want it to remake the next Halloween or go its own way entirely?

I would like to see a 2nd film but it should end there. i hope there's not endless sequels like before


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