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Roger Moore's life story in film?

RogerMoore.jpgRoger Moore, that legendary actor who took over James Bond and made the role his own, despite working under the shadow of Sean Connery, has just released his autobiography My Word is Bond.

It looks as though his lilfe time exploits are set to be captured on film, and if the unnamed sources through rumour filled media are to be believed, it might involve some surprising big star names.

The autobiography (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) talks about the life of Roger Moore, and in particular his time on and off the screen. It's been compared to David Niven's memoirs as the funniest autobiography there is, and filled with charm and humour.

The story from WENN through ABC Action News says that the autobiography also talks about his time spent with co-stars such as David Niven, Elizabeth Taylor and Lana Turner. It also reveals that the unnamed source suggests Roger Moore would love Johnny Depp to play the role of him on screen.

“They are keen to center on that era ahead of his 007 days. They believe filmgoers will lap this one up and it could be a huge hit...

...The whole project is shrouded in secrecy but Sir Roger has been telling friends, with a knowingly raised eyebrow, that he's a great admirer of Johnny Depp.”

Apparently two production companies are keen to pick up the rights to the film and get his story told. Personally I love reading the autobiographies of big stars, and Roger Moore would be one story I would love to hear more on.

Johnny Depp though? I'm not so sure that's such a good choice, although let's face it, these are so early days that there's not even a deal made on the rights yet.

I think we need an actor who's smoother, more sophisticated and more refined. Any thoughts?



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