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Romancing the Stone remake

RomancingtheStone.jpgI'm seeing some strange decisions in Hollywood of late but here's one of the strangest, remaking the classic and star heavy Romancing the Stone. The film starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito to the fore, made an incredible on screen partnership which lasted a number of films, and spawned a fun sequel.

I can hardly believe it. A remake of the classic Robert Zemeckis film? Apparently so, although no one is on board as yet.

Despite what The Hollywood Reporter says, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner had already made a big impression on screen before Romancing the Stone, Turner had been seen in the incredible Body Heat as well as The Man with Two Brains, and Douglas in The Star Chamber - a remake announced back in 2006 - The China Syndrome, Coma and of course The Streets of San Francisco on television.

However this film really expanded their audience and made them an on screen couple that was to outlast these two films and return for the equally incredible The War of the Roses.

Romancing the Stone is a story about a romance novelist who is far from romantic, she's stubborn, strong and self determined, who heads to Colombia to find her missing sister. While searching she meets up with an adventurer of types and fate teams them together to head in search of her sister. Of course he's not after his sister, he's after a precious stone using a treasure map he found. However others are after the map, and her sister.

It's a great fun adventure with a romantic storyline through it, plenty of laughs, and Douglas and Turner giving their roles everything they have. I loved it and I still do.

So it's a huge surprise that they're going to try a remake, especially considering how well established the film is and the stars involved. How are they going to find another pairing to match this one?

Daniel McDermott is creating the new script from the 1984 original, and interestingly he's also adapting another great film, in fact this one is way more classic than Romancing the Stone, Soylent Green.

What is Hollywood coming to? The end?



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