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Sinbad gains director?

Sinbad.jpgFinally, the long talked about remake of Sinbad may just be getting a little kick forward as word comes today that Adam Shankman is in talks to help develop and direct the new story of Sinbad.

The film has changed hands a number of times, but if Shankman signs up this could be the version that makes it to the big screen.

Adam Shankman is a choreographer by trade but he's also a bit of a actor, producer and director, and it's the directing credits we should be most interesting. Considering his choreography career, his directing hasn't really taken that far a leap in his directing move, for he has recently directed Prop 8: The Musical and Hairspray, and has Hairspray 2 on his slate.

There are other films in his past though, The Pacifier and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 are two examples that are perhaps his best known, so already my hope for a good Sinbad film are fading.

The story from Variety tells us that he's in final negotiations and that this story will see Sinbad and his crew head off to find Aladdin's famous lamp. As Shankman himself says, this project couldn't be more different from what he's also about to embark on, another musical.

However this new musical sounds rather interesting, it's called Bob the Musical – it's all in the title – and it tells the story of a man who gets hit on the head and hears the inner song of people after being struck on the head. So imagine plenty of Ally McBeal sequences for people that Bob gets close to.

Sounds fun though, and it really couldn't be more different from a Sinbad adventure could it?



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