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Smokin' Aces prequel casting

SmokinAces.jpgNow that Joe Carnahan has stopped blogging - shame on you internet low life - news on the Smokin' Aces prequel Blowback has to come through other channels, but luckily it still is and the story reveals that the plot of the film is going to focus on the Tremor family, that group of complete psycho killers.

There's also a couple of casting titbits for those awaiting the film, although I'm still not sure how the second film is going to hold up to the original.

Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) pretty much covered the possibilities of any sequel, but not a prequel for some of the characters, and while we had some news a while back about P.J. Pesce as director, Moviehole has some hints about the plot and confirmations on casting for Blowback.

Nestor Carbonell and Tommy Flanagan are bringing back their roles of Pasquale Acosta "S.A. Gerald Diego" and Laszlo Soot respectively. If you remember, Acosta is the trained killer who is cool, calm, and efficient, and is also a torture expert. Soot is a master of disguise, and another assassin.

Sounds good, and while the film focuses on the Tremor family, it does seem as though we're going to see a few other killers on the loose for Blowback.



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