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Snyder directing Dark Knight Returns?

TheDarkKnightCover.jpgZack Snyder could just be directing the very last story of Batman, or at least Bruce Wayne as Batman, and I don't mean the latest story of the Batman mantle passing on in comic form but the classic comic book by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Could he really be directing it? Well no, but he really wants to, and I think that it could just be the best thing for Batman on screen since Christopher Nolan blew us away with his reinvention of Batman.

Zack Snyder has expressed his desire to direct The Dark Knight Returns, the story of a much older
Bruce Wayne who comes out of retirement to become Batman and save Gotham once more and ends up battling Superman who has been called in by the Government to put an end to the costumed hero. He said of the idea through iFMagazine and ComicBookMovie, who don't give any link to the source:

"I said I'm interested in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns...That's really my favourite comic book...The studio has this massive franchise and I don't think they'll let me make a Batman movie where he's 50 years old and Ronald Reagan is President."

The Dark Knight is a definitive Batman comic book, in much the same way the Watchmen is the definitive comic book story, and from everything that we've seen and everything we've heard from his Watchmen film it looks as though Snyder has brought it to life perfectly and it itself could become the definitive comic book big screen adaptation.

So why couldn't Snyder bring to life The Dark Knight Returns? I think he's a perfect choice for it. Why not let Christopher Nolan write and direct the third Batman and then take up Snyder to direct the final Batman story?



I will reserve judgment on this until I have seen The Watchmen but honestly I haven't liked either of the movies Snyder has directed so far. The characters in both Dawn of the Dead and 300 were so flat that I was unable to get into either movie. That really worries me about The Watchmen because the graphic novel is such a character driven piece. I am sure he'll get the way it looks right but I have my doubts about him giving any depth to the characters. What I've seen of Snyder so far though, I wouldn't want him anywhere near a Batman movie.

That would be a great idea for a movie.. but I'm not sure how I feel about Snyder as the Director.

The Dark Knight was one of the best movies Alltime.

It's a shame this movie did not win best picture. There were a few other notables, like Benjamin Button. But Dark Knight was a terrific flick.

Dark Knight was one of my favorite movies, definitely in my top 5. I hope the next one is just as good and hopefully even better!


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