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Speed sequel not remake?

Speed.jpgThere's word out today, and it is still heavy rumour, that there may be another Speed film in the works, something that Dennis Hopper once revealed when he had Speed 3 on his slate and then verbally attacked it.

Well it seems the script that is doing the rounds for the film has something else interesting about it, that it goes back to the original cop character from the first film.

It was Keanu Reeves who took the helm as Jack Tavern in Speed, but in Speed 2: Cruise Control it was up to Jason Patric as a different character to take the lead.

Well it would seem that the current script for the third film, and it seems as though it may be a sequel to the first, follows Jack Tavern once again. That's according to one of those “inside sources” through AICN.

The first film is a lot of fun, that is no doubt, but could they sequel it? Well if the original Dennis Hopper story is true then he is on board for a third Speed film, but then that was back in July 2007, and then he was less than enamoured by it, saying:

“It's a river of s***...from which I have tried to extract some gold.”

Well surely that says it all. Of course perhaps the script is good, or it will be if they decide to go big budget and bring back Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, now that might be interesting. Of course it's harder to bring back Hopper.



The first one was good fun. But the second one stank the place out. I'm not sure if even Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock together, can recover from that.


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