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Stalked: Depp and Dante, McKidd as Thor, Alexander for Jonah Hex, Errol Flynn by Noyce, Joan Jett by Twilight star

Johnny Depp is producing a film about the investigation of Dante's manuscript for The Divine Comedy...

Kevin McKidd is still on for Thor it would seem...

Lexi Alexander could be the next one up for Jonah Hex...

Philip Noyce looks set to direct Errol Flynn's 1935 film Captain Blood...

Kirsten Stewart is set to play Joan Jett...

It's my birthday today...

Johnny Depp always picks some interesting film roles, and according to Variety it seems that his production company is doing the same, although without the Disney choices, and that looks set to continue with a novel adaptation about the author Dante.

In The Hand of Dante (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a novel by Nick Tosches that tells the story of two time lines, one of the the author Dante completing his 14th century work The Divine Comedy, and the other following Nick Tosches who has been asked to authenticate what could be the original manuscript.

Kevin McKidd is still being talked about with reference to the lead of Thor, the comic book character being directed for the big screen by Kenneth Branagh. Apparently he's still in the frame for the lead, not the supporting role that we had heard rumoured a little while ago when the dust settled on the original McKidd for Thor rumour. Let's wish him well, a Scotsman as the lead would be superb. The story comes from IGN through JoBlo.

Philip Noyce is developing Captain Blood and looking as though he might take up directing duties on the project according to Variety. The film originally starred the great Errol Flynn back in 1935, and the updated script is being tackled by John Brownlow.

A doctor is sentenced to slavery in the Caribbean and he and his fellow slaves rise up and become pirates, avenging the wrongs done against them.

Lexi Alexander has been sent the script for Jonah Hex and seems to be seriously considering taking up the directorial job. She's excited about the script, which she says needs some changes but then every director would do that, and the fact that Josh Brolin is still attached. Nice choice I think, but I can't help but think this won't get made with Brolin in the lead. The story comes from Latino Review.

Kirsten Stewart, Twilight fame (yawn), has signed up to play Joan Jett in the biographical story of the rocker's life. Joan Jett is an executive producer on the film, so expect some realism! The film will follow her band The Runaways as they were the first hugely successful all girl rock group. They started in 1975 but fell apart some four years later due to management and money problems, however Joan Jett kept going and still is to this day. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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